Kenya Moore Reacts to RHOA Co-Stars Questioning Her Marriage

Viewers got to see Kenya Moore get married on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but they still questioned the authenticity of her marriage during a girl’s trip in San Fransisco, even causing Cynthia Bailey to walk out on their dinner.

Kenya took to Twitter to speak about the women who are questioning Marc. “I can’t get my foot out the door before these girls try to tear down my husband and my friends,” Kenya tweeted. “@CynthiaBailey10 is a great friend they all mad that they don’t have friends like her.”

Moore continued to tweet, saying she didn’t understand where Kandi Burruss was coming from. “@Kandi knows that when I first got married I talked about my husband all the time just not in the group,” Kenya wrote.

Kenya previously spoke to The Daily Dish to reveal how Marc feels about being in the spotlight now. “It’s a mixed bag, and it’s a lot for someone who’s always been in the background to now be in the foreground, it takes some time to get used to. But I think now I can say we are definitely more adjusted now in how to deal with things, just within our family and them getting used to it as well,” Kenya shared. “And all I had to say really was it will get better in time because time will give you more opportunity to learn how to deal with it. And I think he’s in a really good place now. I think we’re really good right now.”

Thoughts on this drama?

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  • Boo

    She really needs to twirl away from the show and focus solely on her marriage.

    • Nancy

      I agree 100%!

      • Boo

        Hi Nancy, I found her last statement really odd…”I think we’re really good right now.” Umm, huh.
        Red flag Twirl. Smh

        • Dee Onesie

          Yeah that is kind of fishy and she said it twice. I’m pretty sure she’s getting a taste of her own medicine from when she was criticizing the other marriages but I hope they work through it if it’s the real deal.

          • Boo

            Hi Dee,
            I also hope they work through it, but she makes it sound as if their marriage is not on solid ground….not a great start

  • Nancy

    I cud care less abt Kenya or her husband. This is just BS frm Bravo 2 later bring him on the show as we, “R suppose 2hold out breath”! Well U can 4get abt it bc I don’t give a rats a_s 1 way or another! I’m out. Peace!

  • shaw

    I think NeNe is the one trying to get Marlo and Kandi on the attack.

    She’s been so shady and she’s definitely trying to turn Cynthia against Kenya I feel like Cynthia doesn’t know where to sway NeNe wants twirl out of RHOA though I can tell. Everyone ran to NeNes side like she’s top dog and porsha got aced out and you can clearly see NeNe wants to use Marlo and possibly playing a game with Kandi pretending to team Kandi so she’s got the other alpha dog on her team and then she’ll get rid of porsha

    Bring back Kim full time she’s never been scared of NeNe these woman are all kissing NeNes booty I’ve not seen NeNe say one nice thing about Kenya’s marriage

    Twirl does set it upon herself not to bring mar. Into RHOA but i like her I think she’s less bitter and more the voice of reason and I don’t blame her, look at Matt she probably doesn’t want it to go wrong and re live on camera but so far I’m sick of NeNe she think she’s the most important person on RHOA she got fired last year and her head is still as big as ever

  • Minx

    With Kenya’s not so great luck in, the Romance Department and her Husband owning a Successful Restaurant in Brooklyn, WTH would he want to waste his time dealing with all the other Lunatics?
    He is married to one.
    Hell, maybe they are going to give Kenya a Spin-off show.
    Kim didn’t want Croy around the Atla Ladies and they have had the spin off for how many years?
    This Season, of ATLA makes the one with Kim Field’s look,…

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    Show the marriage certificate…that’s all

    • Sugar Mama

      Eggggzactly. For someone who’s been dying to get a man and get married and *supposedly* has, why hadn’t she been shouting it from the rooftops, why didn’t she have an elaborate wedding this chick is all about the twirl and showing herself off etc doesn’t make sense. If it’s legit why so mum about her marriage and hubby and her happiness?? Most new brides can’t stop gushing about things and SHARING it with everyone especially a FIRST marriage! She either paid this guy or she knew him before and they’re in cahoots. She’s too desperate a woman and I️ wouldn’t doubt for a second she’s zooming us all. Nope. Show me the marriage certificate. In fact don’t bother cause that can be rigged too. She’s a poser.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    Honey, Marc is not coming on this show and I don’t blame him. It does men no favors and he has has a life not worth sullying with this nonsense.

    • Rain

      I agree with you there . Rarely do men come off looking good on these shows ❤️❤️

  • cat62

    I would keep my marriage private on this show…it never bodes well.

  • I am almost never Team Kenya, but in this case, most of the other women were just being unnecessarily nasty and rude. I find it odd that Kandi is the one she singled out, though. Kandi was just pointing out how odd the situation is, she isn’t questioning the marriage or making fun of it like the other girls were.

  • Starr

    As much as I never cared for Kenya’s ways, I disagree with the women’s behavior.
    No wonder Kenya did everything in secret.

  • kt

    Hasn’t Kenya called out other people’s marriages? Porsha and Kordell, flirted with Phadera’s and then the couple at the pajama party (can’t remember their names)?! So once again, Kenya can say and do what she wants to about others but they should remain silent?! She has been searching and searching for her prince and finds him and keeps in a secret?! And the whole scene of her wearing her wedding dress – alone is very odd! Along with ‘and I think we’re really good right now’ speaks volumes.