Kenya Moore

Is Kenya Moore Pregnant?

Kenya Moore

Controversial Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night after the season premiere and a viewer tweeted Andy to comment that they thought Kenya could be pregnant because she was constantly covering up her tummy. Kenya, who is still dating her “African Prince” gushed to Andy that she was as “happy as ever.” Kenya, who always likes to keep people on their toes, responded to the pregnancy question, saying, “I got that question the other day as well because I had on a loose top.”

“I didn’t really respond,” Kenya coyly tells Andy when he asked what she said when she was asked the same question.

“She likes to keep people guessing!” Kandi Burruss says of Kenya’s minimal answers.

Do you think Kenya is pregnant or just stirring up controversy? Stay tuned for the rest of this season of RHOA, as Andy says, “It may be the best season ever.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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3 comments on “Is Kenya Moore Pregnant?

  1. Honestly, who would shag her? She’s completely delusional (not to mention highly unattractive). She makes for good crazy tho :)

  2. She’s a whack job. I wouldn’t be surprised if she weren’t one to say she was pregnant to snare a man and then pretend she lost the baby.

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