Kenya Moore On That Picture Of Her and Jay-Z

Kenya Moore is taking to her blog to talk about Matt’s birthday party and the infamous photo of her and Jay-Z that caused drama in this week’s episode of the RHOA. Kenya said she meant no disrespect by the photo, but rather she’s proud of her career and that she worked with Jay-Z. She says this is when she started noticing Matt’s insecurities. Did Matt ever get to enjoy the cake you made?
Kenya Moore:
Sadly, he did not. But I have a real sweet tooth, so I ended up eating half of it myself. What did you think when Matt got upset about your #TBT photo?
I am proud to have had a legitimate acting career in Hollywood for over 20 years and have worked with amazing actors and talent of all kinds. I have posted “Throwback Thursday” photos of my career, family, and of myself even prior to dating him. There was no disrespect intended as he felt. I’ve never had a romantic relationship with Jay Z as we only worked together once. The photo was on a set and not a personal one like all the others I’ve posted. I initially thought it was silly and tried to ignore it, but he just would not let it go. It was one of the early signs of his insecurities. How difficult was it for you to have Matt’s birthday party without Matt?
It was hard because it was in his honor and it is something I know he would really love, since we had done it before in the Dominican Republic on New Year’s Eve 2015. I only wanted to make it special for him. What went through your mind when you heard about the bomb threat?
I was immediately concerned for her children. There are so many crazies out there that anytime you hear of these occurrences, you have to take them seriously.

Photo Credit: Bravo