Kenya Moore: Phaedra Got What She Deserved At The RHOA Reunion

Kenya Moore is sharing her thoughts about the explosive RHOA reunion. Moore says she knew the bombshell was about to come out before it did.

“I knew it was all gonna come out because I think first of all Porsha didn’t have another play because she got all the heat for repeating it, even though we learned Phaedra made it up,” Kenya said during an interview with The Breakfast Club. “But you said it. So you have to be responsible for the things that come out of your mouth.”

Moore went on to say Phaedra wasn’t being very genuine to her BFF. “I just feel like Phaedra was acting that she was concerned about Porsha, but she just threw her under the bus,” she said. “So how can you be concerned about her, really?”

But Kenya had a hard time feeling sympathy for Porsha in this situation. “I wouldn’t for anyone. You could put anyone in that situation. It could be Cynthia [Bailey]. If you had a loaded gun and somebody gave it to you, you chose to shoot that gun,” Kenya said. “So, to me, I can’t have sympathy for you because you knew what you were doing.”

Parks was pretty silent after she was caught during the reunion, which didn’t surprise Kenya. “No, I feel like she got what she deserved. I just feel like your lies will catch up with you, and I don’t believe in revenge and all that stuff. I just believe in karma,” she said. “She started off telling lies about me. When we fell out about a workout video, all of a sudden I became an alcoholic, I became bipolar, I became all of those things.”

But Kenya said that if Phaedra asked her to join her at her camp for the children affected by the Flint water crisis, as she did earlier this season of RHOA, she would be able to put their past differences aside for the greater good. “Honestly, I would,” Kenya shared. “I would put my differences aside with her because it’s for the kids, so they matter more than she does to me. And it’s for a good cause.”

Photo Credit: Bravo