Kenya Moore: My Personality Is Actually Quite Silly And Fun


Kenya Moore has been a lighting rod of controversy on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but what has she learned from being on a reality TV show?

“Being on a reality show really helps you to learn even more about yourself,” she tells Sheen Magazine. “You’re put in these awkward situations and difficult situations and it makes you reactionary, or at least I’m reactionary. I don’t pick a fight but I don’t run from any and I think that for me I’m a big communicator so my goal was always to defuse situations.”

“For me this season has been about getting back to doing what I do best and that’s being in front of and behind the camera,” Kenya reveals. “It’s been a great platform for me, just for the opportunities that have come my way and continue to come my way.”

“When people meet me one of the first things they always say is that I’m a lot sillier in person,” she shares. “I think I just kind of have a carefree personality and if you don’t know me and you only watch the show, they show me as tough but I’m actually quite silly and fun. I’m a girlie girl. I think you’ll see it this season though because I have some real friends on the show that go back with me for over ten years; I think they bring out my real personality.”

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6 Replies to “Kenya Moore: My Personality Is Actually Quite Silly And Fun”

  1. So for Kenya this season is about doing what she does best -“getting back in front and behind the camera” … A. What the hell is she talking about? B. WHAT the hell is she talking about?
    In all the seasons I have seen Kenya on RHOA I have only seen fake and forced scenes of Kenya acting (badly) “silly” and trying to “be” a certain way in certain scenes, but since she is not that bright, not that talented and obviously has not thought out her plan beyond her little staged scenes, it is laughably transparent what a fraud she is.

  2. Kenya has her only fan talking bout her, herself!! Just waiting for Celeb Apprtc.
    D. Trump calls her “The most evil woman he’s ever met” Can’t wait to see/hear him say what we all know to be true!! Each season she’s on, she’s more fake than her last. Where is her sidekick Miss Lawrence? He must have gotten a real back stab from her, cuz last year he was in every scene w/her. But anyone that’s been her friend ends up her enemy. Watch out Cynthia, your turn is coming! Other than the man she paid, we’ve never seen Kenya w/a man on a date or in a relationship. Why is she cast on this show when that’s what the show’s about?

  3. Ah you ladies – surely you know why you are blasting Kenya.She is smart and beautiful. If y’all choose to pick on her go right ahead.

    1. Yes, she’s smart…she would have to be to keep up with all of her BS. As for beautiful?? That’s a matter of opinion. Even the most beautiful face can be made ugly by what the heart holds. Her heart holds nothing but love…..for herself. I KNEW this season would be nothing but her playing the victim for what happened at the reunion. Maybe now she’ll learn that when you keep poking at someone already at the end of their rope…they WILL bite back.

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