Kenya Moore Owes Almost $7000 in Taxes

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is having some financial troubles, according to a new report. Moore has a lot of tax debt from her infamous home Moore Manor.

According to a tax bill obtained by Fulton County Tax Commissioner, Moore, owes $6,984.85 on her Sandy Springs, Georgia home.

“These are delinquent tax sales,” a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office told RadarOnline. “When taxes are not paid by homeowners, the tax commissioner can sell the taxes to a third party. If they don’t make the payment to satisfy the lien, we auction the taxes off.”

In a police report obtained from the Sandy Springs Police Department, Moore’s ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan vandalized her home on August 15, 2016.

“There was obvious damage to the middle (of three) glass garage door,” the report read. “Three of the glass panels had been shattered. A vehicle was parked on the other side of the glass garage door that was damaged. Through one of the broken glass panels, the rear window of the vehicle had been shattered.”

But Kenya may be leaving her issues with her home behind her, as she discussed moving out of Moore Manor to live in a new home with her husband Marc Daly, who she married in June.

AllAboutTheTea was the first to report this story.

Are you surprised that Kenya is in that much tax debt?

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3 Replies to “Kenya Moore Owes Almost $7000 in Taxes”

  1. this is not news, nothing that ever has anything to do with her will be newsworthy…she can do a weekend of hosting gigs and pay that back…….NEXT STORY please.

  2. I’d be rich too if I didn’t bother paying my bills. What is with people? How does that work? How do people sleep at night?

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