Kenya Moore On Wendy Williams! “The Mean-Girl Reputation Is Not Deserved!” Plus- Walter Was Seen At A Hawk’s Game With Another Woman?

Real Housewife of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, stopped by Wendy Williams to talk about the show, and how she is being portrayed. She says what you see is what you get with her, but she doesn’t think the mean-girl reputation is deserved. Kenya says at The Bailey Agency she did come across a little mean, but she’s a girl that will always support young black women, and never put them down.

Kenya also talks about her feud with Porsha. She explains it wasn’t Porsha mixing up her title that got under her skin. She says it started with their lunch, she felt Porsha was very intrusive and disrespectful. She continues to say that Porsha rubs her the wrong way, and she feels like Porsha is ruining her grandfather’s legacy.

Wendy goes on to tell Kenya that she doesn’t like Walter, and brings up the rumor that he was seen at a Hawk’s game with another woman. When Wendy asks if Kenya and Walter are still together, Kenya explains we will see it play out on the show.

Next, Wendy calls Kenya out for flirting with Apollo. Kenya asks Wendy, “How do you know Apollo wasn’t flirting with me?” Wendy goes on to say that she believes Phaedra, and Kenya tells Wendy she shouldn’t believe what Phaedra Says.

Watch the FULL interview below!

Tell Us- What’s YOUR take on Kenya’s interview?

Photo/Video Credit: Wendy Williams


2 Replies to “Kenya Moore On Wendy Williams! “The Mean-Girl Reputation Is Not Deserved!” Plus- Walter Was Seen At A Hawk’s Game With Another Woman?”

  1. Kenya, you are the definition of Mean Girl Bitch. The Queen Mean Girl Bitch. It’s too late for you, too late for anything. Just continue to be a dried up old hag, you fit the bill.
    This is Karma at it finest. You don’t deserve Walter.

  2. It’s interesting how people call Kenya mean, yet Nene isn’t. Both ladies are quick witted. They tell it like it is, without sugar coating. Kenya is sassy and attractive, which equals b•<#h to insecure women. Kenya was real when she spoke about Porsha, seemingly nice girl, but she has a bubble for a brain. All Kenya did was command respect about her title. It seems like Porsha makes a lot of "honest mistakes." Porsha, your persona isn't cute. For ratings yes, but I pray to God that you're not that dense in real life. If you don't get yourself together, you're going to single-handly ruin your grandfathers legacy. To be a powerful black woman, it would behoove you to always educate yourself. As black women, we're always being negatively stereotyped. When Kenya tells those girls at the Bailey Angency that they looked a hot mess, they did! She's saving them from further embarassing theirselves. I like Kenya. Any female that is smart and strong enough to check people without being submissive is my type of female. However, I would say that she is more bitter than anything. Kenya's is older, not married, and no offspring and she has a half-assed boyfriend. I think you're being desperate to recognize that your dudue is not truly into you. I think your confidence is rock bottom in the male department, but you do a good job in covering it up.

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