Kenya Moore: I Am Not Interested In Dating Roger Bobb


RHOA star Kenya Moore is taking to her blog this week to explain her relationship with Roger Bobb. Kenya lets everyone know that she has no interest in dating Bobb, who she has worked with in the past. Moore also shares her thoughts about the rest of this week’s episode and teases the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice.

Kenya writes:


It saddens me to see Kandi still going through such heartache with her mother, and blended and extended family. This should be the happiest time of her life, but it has been overshadowed by the constant infighting. I hope for peace for Kandi and that she can focus on extending her family with a new little one soon. She deserves it.

I thought it was a very touching scene to see Kandi be so kind to her cousin and offer advice to Phaedra on how to deal with her children and incarceration. I loved his advice about being truthful. My heart goes out to all children being separated from their parents.

Women are taught to be in competition with each other most notably in relation to men. A business meeting becomes suspicious, a compliment becomes flirtation, and a handshake becomes a threatening, aggressive takeover.

I’ve known Roger Bobb in a professional capacity for well over five years having worked with him as an actor in various productions. I hold him in high regard, as he is a talented and focused producer. Additionally, I have known him to date several of my good girlfriends; therefore I have never considered dating him myself. It was a surprise to me, and the world, to learn that he has been dating Demetria for over seven years (off and on). She stated herself that they were secretive and no one knew about them.

I sympathize with her in that situation, because a woman in love wants to proclaim her love to the masses so that not only other women are aware that her man is taken, but that he only has eyes for her as well. Demetria was denied that opportunity because of their situation. I was proud of Roger for claiming her as his lady. I also wanted to put Demetria’s mind at ease by being truthful about my intentions with Roger. I have none! We were able to talk like two adults and move on. With that said, I’m a hopeless romantic and am in love with love. Eight years is a long time and I wish them all the best.


Congrats to NeNe for selling out her “fashions” on HSN at midnight. And I’d like to extend an early Christmas gift to her as well. I have arranged to have one of my hair and makeup people do a makeover on her gratis. And Moore Hair Care samples are in the mail to help NeNe grow out her own natural hair. Go to for details. I am also still hopeful that NeNe makes the $20,000 donation to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation as she promised. Now that would be an amazing gift to the children of Detroit who need all the help they can get!


I’m excited to get back to what I do best, which is acting and producing. Prior to RHOA I was a working actor for well over twenty years. I’m excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Stay tuned for MOORE to come! My Sheen Magazine cover shoot featured on the show turned out to be amazing! On stands December 23, 2014 please get a copy and support this positive and uplifting publication!

Celebrity Apprentice premiere airs Sunday January 4, 2015 at 9/8c right after an all new episode of #RHOA.

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4 Replies to “Kenya Moore: I Am Not Interested In Dating Roger Bobb”

  1. You are one very disgusting piece of crap. Every paragraph you write is either throwing shade or self centered. Please Bravo get rid of the trash on these shows.

  2. Kenya Kenya Kenya… Your such a liar! You would be dating Roger in two shakes of a stick if he were free- because he has $$$$ , prestige and connections. EVERYTHING you want. Plus he is a man- something that seems to elude you. And everyone knows why a beautiful woman like you is still free. Why no man ever put a ring on that … Because you are a crazy vile woman.

  3. I have a real honest question for you guys. Do we really know that Kendra likes men, to date, I mean really ? Not that there’s nothing wrong with having a same sex relationship. Every time i see Kenya, in my mind I hear the word ” Walter ” because she used that name over and over and over and over. I never heard her say “honey, or babe ” I think 2 of Kendra’s friends have said that Apollo is not Kendra type but no one has really said what kendra’s type was. Kenya said she wasn’t interested in having a relationship with Roger Bob, but told her friend., Claudia that she might want to check that guy out. and she told Roger Bob/s lady friend that she was not interested in RB. It is suggested that she hired Walter and the african prince was probably a hoax. What do you guys think ? She’s attractive in a way., it seems that she could attract a man.

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