Kenya Moore Moves Out Of Leased Home!


Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore’s eviction lawsuit is heating up. The former Miss USA was expected to be in court on Tuesday, but police were called to the Roswell home that she rents, responding to a complaint of suspicious vehicles parked outside the house. Turns out, the vehicles were movers that were already preparing Moore’s stuff to be moved out of the house.

Later, in the courtroom, both Kenya and her landlord seemed to think they were victorious, and Kenya told RadarOnline, “Today’s victory proves that celebrities can fight back and not be victimized by people who wish to lie about them and use their name for the sake of publicity.”

Kenya’s landlord said, “I am blessed and very relieved she has to vacate my home.” And added, “I don’t care what Kenya is telling everybody… She lied about renting the home and about her boyfriend, amongst other things.

“She begged me to lease my home and live a pretend lifestyle she couldn’t afford. She will get hers in the end – no doubt… I don’t live a fake life. I am disappointed that Kenya hasn’t used her pageant life experience to be more of a model citizen for young girls. She is definitively no role model. It is apparent that she is lonely, bitter and very unhappy,” the landlord added.

Photo Credit: Bravo