Kenya Moore On Matt Jordan Damaging Her Property: It Broke My Heart

Kenya Moore is reacting to the damage her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan did to her house in a new interview with Bravo. Moore says when she saw what he did, it broke her heart because she knew it was a cry for help. Kenya also discusses the return of Marlo Hampton and Phaedra Parks’ pop-up shop event. What went through your mind when you saw what Matt had done to the house?
Kenya Moore:
I felt profound sadness when I saw the damage to my home in person. I was out of town and received an alert from my security. My cousin Che who lives minutes away actually called the police and made a report and sent me photos. It broke my heart. Why does he think damaging my property will get the results he wants from me? What is it that he wants? Love or fear? No woman should have to be subjected to choose between the two.

Matt didn’t do those things to my house to hurt me, the damage was done as a cry for help. Matt is a man whom I had great love for and even though we cannot be together, I felt I can still have compassion for his issues and get him the help he needs. Did you appreciate Phaedra’s advice?
I know Phaedra has been through a lot with Apollo, but I didn’t know she had been to counseling. There is so much I didn’t know, and I felt grateful that she was honest with me about the struggles she has gone through. Of course having children and a marriage is different from a relationship, so there is more at stake. But I was appreciative of her honestly and advice. Did you enjoy Phaedra’s pop-up event?
I was happy to participate in the pop-up shop, as I donate over $20,000 annually to charities and have given water and monetary donations to Flint throughout the crisis. I’m most excited about my participation in Phaedra’s camp next week and looking forward to having a personal impact on the children. Were you surprised by how Marlo acted?

Photo Credit: Bravo