Kenya Moore Makes Fun Of Phaedra Parks At Public Event!

Kenya Moore

It’s no secret that Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks have embarked on a new feud on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In this preview for Sunday’s newest episode Kenya decides to dress up as Phaedra at an event the women attend for Shoedazzle. NeNe designed her own shoe for the site, and the women attend the event to support her.

In the preview, we see Kenya driving to the event with Miss Lawrence, and in the car she talks about how Phaedra accused her of being crazy. She starts to impersonate Phaedra’s accent, and adds an ‘mmm-hmmm’ to everything she says. Then when Kenya enters the public event we see what’s she’s wearing… a large hat one might see at The Kentucky Derby, and an outfit reminisent of Phaedra’s thong bathing suit and fishnet coverup from Anguilla… Watch below!

Do YOU think this was appropriate to do an a public event?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • Lisa

    This is what people who are inflicted with mental illness sometimes do.

  • I’m starting to like Kenya. She’s definitely demonstrating a flair for the dramatic. Not to mention that there is really not that much difference between Phaedra wearing it in Anguilla and Kenya in Atlanta. Inasmuch as they both did it in front of television cameras it seems to me to be, ‘six of one, half a dozen of another.’

    I think it looks like a good time will be had by all. All of us viewers that is.

    • Cindy

      Phaedra wore it on a beach and Kenya wore it inside, where there was no sand. Where are you from honey? There is a very big difference. It doesn’t matter if it was worn in front of cameras or not. I guess it would be the same as when the Jersey Shore girls wore theirs on their show, right? You’re delusional.

  • Pinky

    Lisa, I agree with you.

  • Tonya

    Kenya was totally out of line. There is a time and place for everything and showing out at a ‘charity event’ in that outfit was not only childish, tacky and disrespectful but it also said a lot about her character.

  • nicole

    Anyone how likes Kenya is just as stupid as she is? This woman is suoer crazy and to old to act like she is in highschool. I have never seen anyone so desperate for attention! She is a disgrace tk the crown he once wore and I hope she knows that! She is a fake fraud, with a fake ass,what kind of lame has to pretend to have a man. She can try to cover that up all she want, we all know the truth about her and Walter! She needs to grow up! and btw, go see someone about your skin, adult acne is not what’s up!

    • Cindy

      I agree with you nicole. She is way to old to be acting like she does. I can’t believe anyone actually likes her and takes her side. They are just as childish and crazy as she is.