Kenya Moore Is NOT Leaving RHOA


After the fight between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams that brought the highest ratings of the franchise ever, RadarOnline is reporting that Kenya Moore is NOT leaving RHOA.

“Kenya is not going ANYWHERE,” a source close the Bravo star tells the site. “She would never, ever leave the show now.”

“Kenya was just bragging about how she got Porsha fired and that she is definitely going to come back for another season and she doesn’t care if the other ladies say they hate her,” the insider revealed.

But while NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks are defending Porsha, Kenya the source says the dynamic for producers has definitely changed.

“They are still on the fence about keeping Porsha. They are about 60 percent decided to fire her but 40 percent still wanting to keep her,” the source discloses.

“The public wants Porsha to stay, but she was about to get the axe before the fight,” the insider adds. “Kenya has money problems and she’ can’t afford NOT to do the show. She’ll take whatever they offer her to stay.”

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  1. They should just add Marlo and see who survives season 7, it’s become Survivor- who causes the most drama. make the cuts after season 7

  2. It’s too bad they want a show about how badly Kenya can treat everyone on the show. They say they don’t condone violence, but verbal abuse is just as violent and damages a person deeper sometimes. I’m really disappointed in those that feel Kenya would be better to keep. She is a disgrace to Atlanta and to women. It’s too bad they care to keep her over viewers, cause I won’t be watching any season she is on from here out.

    1. Hi Shannon! You are so right. If they fire Porsha that would not be right! How about when Nene put her hands on Kim’s throat! They kept Nene!

    2. If Verbal abuse is an issue than Phaedra should leave because she has called Kenya every whore and slut under the moon repeatedly and Im frankly tired of hearing it. Especially when her husband lied on Kenya and text her. I don’t hear Phaedra calling her husband anything at all. I don’t even see Phaedra address her husband. Phaedra and Porsha needs to go. Phaedra for one is the mastermind behind the whole fraud case. I don’t think anyone will believes Apollo is capable of pulling off a scam of 3 million dollars. They are criminals and definately need to go. Porsha is just to dumb and can’t fight with words because she’s very limited in that department. If the kitchen is too hot than get out Porsha. Even her ex husband is ashamed of her. Just dumb. Nene , Phaedra and Porsha planned to go after Kenya but Porsha was the only dumb one to take the bite.

      1. It’s the level of abuse that Kenya attacks with and you know it. She’s constantly saying how she likes to stir the pot, and loves how her props get reactions. It have her a bigger name in the game of Housewivees, and more than likely more pay, as Nene said she’s the lowest paid for RHOA. Yes they want drama on the show, but there is drama and their is having someone off their meds.
        Kenya has attacked Phedra over and over and over again, her fight back was the name calling over beating her ass like Porsha did. It’s just the difference in how they decide to protect themselves once they blow up. Also, there are several time Phedra has gone off on Apolo, and I’m sure there are way more than we have even seen. I do know that I have seen it though, so she’s not letting him get away with anything in that manner.

        You saying Porsha can’t fight with words s though she doesn’t have a brain is uncalled for, she isn’t perfect, no one is. She is very capable of articulating herself, she’s also human and very capable of snapping just like anyone else.

        As for Apolo, and his legal crap…who cares. He did it before they ever met and did it again, so clearly he is smart enough to do so, just not smart enough to get away with it.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but no one planned to go after Kenya. They just said that they didn’t care for her, they had already heard Porsha was being fired and were going to stand up for Porsha staying. As for Porsha ex…he’s an abusive disgusting piece of shit that treats women badly, is that the person who’s opinion you really want? I don’t and anyone who does is just as disgusting as he is.

        So mostly my point is, aside from all I just typed, if someone was poking at you everyday for months, never letting up, are you going to tell me that you screaming at them is going to be all you do? Especially when they don’t stop, they get worse the more you scream. You as any honest person will admit, you will snap and even if it’s just a push to get them away, it’s still physical…

  3. If Bravo fires Porsha, the ratings that Bravo brags about in regards to Atlanta HW’s will not exist anymore. When is Bravo going to listen to viewers and do the right thing! Kenya provoked Porsha. Andy was loving it! Andy loves to see women fight we all know that, we’ve known that.
    If Bravo fire’s Porsha Atlanta HW’s will loose just about every viewer they have! Very stupid move on Bravo to fire the one woman that was provoked!!!!!!

  4. Oh Valley Girl I wish what say would be true. But it won’t happen because Bravo enjoys this BS between the women and a lot of viewers like it. I am 70 years old and violence is the mainstream on TV today. It is so different than it was when we got our first set in 1952. Family values have changed as have the morals in our society. I am so glad I will probably not live to see what kind of world our young children will grow up in. Sorry to rant on but it saddens me.

  5. I am no longer watching this show. This is just too ghetto for my taste. Kenya is horrible and I can’t wait for them to get rid of her…I hope this “source” is unreliable.

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