Did Kenya Moore Just Lose Her Peach?

Kim Zolciak-Biermann sent a tweet out last night that had us all questioning whether or not Kenya Moore has been fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kim wrote, “#LostYourPeach.”

To fans that replied asking where Kim’s peace was, she replied, “Sweetie I hold a 🍑 for my OWN show 6 seasons.”

She continued to go after Moore, saying, “My hubby made more in one year then she has made in her lifetime! #ShesUnemployed hope she can live off her savings don’t come for my hubby or kids @WendyWilliams didn’t talk to her about anything else cause their isn’t anything to talk about but ME.”

Kenya only promoted her interview on Wendy Williams, calling herself a shade-assisan.

Do you believe Kim? Let’s chat about this.

Photo Credit: Bravo


11 Replies to “Did Kenya Moore Just Lose Her Peach?”

    1. Tee hee…my autocorrect does that to me all the time and it just drives me nuts!

      Beyond that… Kim knows nothing about about any negotiations Bravo and True Entertainment could possibly have going on at this point with any of the women. First of all, they haven’t even filmed the reunion to hash out issues still YET to come (with them barely through the first ten episodes). No offers for new contracts have even gone out yet, so she needs to have several seats and stop trying to drum up press for her social media and her tacky show.

  1. At least Kenya has accomplished something with her beauty in life by being crowned Ms. America! Wish her all the very best in her new relationship with Marc! Kim Zolcak is nothing but a gold digger whose only claim to fame is spreading her legs to rich married men in exchange for vacations, jewelry and designer clothing! What makes her any different from a prostitute?! The aging trailer park trash found a rich athlete this time but one so “young and dumb” he married her ( after she popped out 4 kids to “lock and load” on him)! Since he’s “lost his career” thanks to this woman..we’ll see how long they can “ live on love”! The money won’t always be there for the endless cosmetic surgeries to stop the aging! The way she’s mistreated both her own parents and kroy’s parents say it all..she doesn’t care about anybody but herself! You have nothing to say about Kenya after the “parasitic” life you’ve led! The lesson you’ve taught your daughters is to not personally accomplish anything but to live off of others fortunes using your looks!

    1. kim a register nurse better than using your looks to win some dam contest. kenya done nothing with her life except faking a life to get on show. kim owes her p;arents nothing what kind of parent sells stories on there kids.

      1. Kim never was a registered nurse. She was, until she let her license expire, a licensed practical nurse. I don’t know how long she actually worked as one.
        I don’t watch any of these women.

    2. Beauty is an accomplishment? Unless it all came from a surgeon’s knife, it’s an accident of birth and nothing she did.

  2. Cold here. Waiting all day for dishwasher repairman. Now after 4:30, and no one came yet. Robo answerer says they will come between now and 1700 hours…only a few minuts left. I don’t think anyone will show. All these robotic calls for appointments and no humans…stinks. I have a service plan too…right. This was the only appointment left in the entire month according to their robots.

  3. Supposedly Kenya was fired mid-season for refusing to go on the cast trip and the producers fired her and replaced her with Eva.

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