Kenya Moore Says She Is “Very Ashamed” Of Actions Towards Kim Fields


On Sunday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore had quite the explosion on Kim Fields. The ladies were feuding in regards of directing Cynthia Bailey’s eyewear commercial that resulted in Kenya pulling out Kim’s chair from underneath her. While things got heated during filming, Kenya appeared on Watch What Happens Live and spoke on her actions.

Host Andy Cohen read off some nasty tweets fans were writing about Moore’s actions. She then responded by saying, “Well, first of all, I watched that back and I was mortified. I think it was a big mistake for me to pull her chair. It was uncalled for, and it was absolutely unacceptable and I do apologize for that behavior. I was in the moment. I was just fed up with the BS, and it’s just something that happened. But I’m really actually very ashamed of that.”

Not only did Kenya get backlash for her actions towards Kim Fields but also for calling NeNe Leakes a “backstabber”. NeNe took to her Instagram of a photo of her on the green screen with a caption that got into full detail on her friendships:

SAY WHAT! YOU CALLING ME A BACKSTABBER?? I don’t address issues usually but this Backstabber comment coming from Miss Twirl herself @thekenyamoore must be address NOW! I challenge you to ask anyone I have ever been friends with and those I am currently friends with and that includes you asking @kimzolciakbiermann @shereewhitfield @CynthiaBailey10 etc the one thing they will all say about me is that I am a fun girl and I have a heart! In order to back stab a person you have to intentionally set out to do harm to someone and that ain’t me! When and if we fall out! I will read you, fall out and move on! You don’t have to worry about me because I’m not worrying about you. With that said, I have been back stabbed by those I loved, cared for and supported! I’am not in the business of harming people and I am not evil. NOW TWIRL ON THAT

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The back and forth did not stop there though folks as Kenya had a response to what NeNe posted.

“She talked about Sheree and Kim. What about Marlo Hampton? What about her bridesmaids? I just think that friendships, when you have them and they’re real, that you don’t spill each other’s secrets and you don’t come after their livelihood, both things that NeNe did. Now whether or not she was acting out of emotion at the time she felt that she was betrayed, so be it, but don’t say you didn’t betray her because I do believe and I stand firm in that belief.” Ouch!

How do you guys feel about Kenya’s apology? Would you accept it? Sound off in the comment section below!

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14 Replies to “Kenya Moore Says She Is “Very Ashamed” Of Actions Towards Kim Fields”

  1. I bet if the viewers were on her side she’d be singing a different tune. I can’t stand when someone apologizes MONTHS LATER on TV after getting torn apart on the blogs. It’s not genuine. Maybe kim should’ve called and coughed out “bullsh*t” she was “apologizing”.

    1. I’m with you for a change! Haha! I would love Kim to do that but I guess she is too much of a professional to be as petty as Kenya. Nene, well not much to choose between them but out of choice I would pick Nene rather than Kenya. ( I can’t believe I have just said that!) but get rid of Kenya then Nene!

  2. There was no fued between Kim and this witch. The witch has been attacking Kim since day one. She is a jealous, loud mouth big headed egotist and her evil nature is getting the best of her. I agree the only apology has been given because of reaction to fans of the show. Team Kim all the way.

    1. Exactly. Kenya was/is soooooo jealous of Kim’s life & professionalism. She felt that clueless, weak Cynthia would just give her the project she didn’t deserve! It wasn’t “the bullshit” that set Kenya off. She simply could not rein in her out-of-control jealousy and sense of entitlement. It is certainly no surprise she can’t find a partner. No sane person would want this selfish woman in their life.

  3. Krazy Kenya obviously wants to destroy Kim’s reputation, my guess is Kim is getting all the work Kenya wants, so of course Kenya is going to try to ruin Kim, would we expect any less from miss phsyco!? This woman needs to be thrown off TV way to much hatred towards people that have what she wants, what a cold witch with a B.

  4. Kenya is disgusting, she finally sees it? Bravo needs to let her go. Her ego is just over the top it was funny she she got to RHOA, for like an episode or 2, but now she needs to go. Nene is much more fun than this biatch

  5. Bravo,
    Please get rid of this woman, she’s so obnoxious! Kenya starts drama with all the woman, and it’s really getting hard to watch this show with her on it!

  6. Kenya is Brandi’s equivalent. They’re both lower than gutter & no matter how it’s arranged or how they try to mask it, they are pure trash. No amount of apology will get her past this. Too little, too late for her filth to be sprayed to smell clean.

  7. She’s brought the show to such a low. It’s depressing watching it with her insults, bullying and jealousy. She’s always on the attack and denying it and mercilessly taunting to get a rise out of someone. It’s ugly and not fun to watch the show anymore. I was so glad to see Nene again. By the way Sheree was stirring the pot big time by telling Kenya was Cynthia said about her being a friendship in development vs the history of being best friends with Nene. Sheree and Kenya are both very masculine aggressive. They need some estrogen.

    1. Please add Nene, Mama Joyce & the Fugly sisters to the list. Maybe they can borrow some estrogen from Don Juanita although it would be thirsty & bitter stuff.

  8. I certainly would ignore her hypocritical apology, for that’s what it is. Too little, too late. Her mouth should be glued shut as she never has a good or kind thing to say. Plus, she’s been openly jealous of Kim from day one & Kim, being a lady & ignoring her nasty remarks, only makes her madder. She needs to be kicked out once & for all.

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