Kenya Moore Is Sick Of Talking About Walter!

1Kenya Moore

On Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta the women head to Los Angeles to visit NeNe in her home in the Hollywood Hills, and to see their girl in action on the set of The New Normal. In the preview below, the women are at dinner and Kenya breaks the news that she broke up with Walter. The women share their opinions about the controversial relationship and Cynthia asks if Kenya prefers the women not have a relationship with Walter?

Kenya insists she does not want to talk about Walter, and then it is revealed that Walter was invited to Porsha’s event for Kordell’s birthday and Kenya wasn’t… Watch below!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Kenya Moore Is Sick Of Talking About Walter!”

  1. Well of course she is tired of talking about Walter because everyone is calling this fake washed-up pagent loser for her lies. Gets cumbersome to have to constantly lie and look so ridiculous. She is just gross. She has no appeal what so ever. At least the xcon lady, last season was comical. Kendra is very unstable and troubled. She is uncomfortable to watch. She is sick and so pathetic. Her laugh is creepy and her eyes are scary. She is way too desperate for attention and her need to just be noticed is really tiresome. She lies, spins, and lives dellusion, constantly. Any business ventures she had are dried up and she is so unimaginative and catty-her workout video-how stupid. Lastly, she has the ugliest fake ass I have ever seen. Her days of beauty are gone.

  2. Sorry, but I just don’t watch this show much any more. I just find it hard to relate to any of these women now. Can’t say what, ” tripped the switch” for me, but there you have it.

  3. Ditto to that Kenya, because I am also tired of hearing about Walter and wish he’d go away! He’s brought absolutely nothing to the show.

    I am however, patiently awaiting Sunday’s show to see NeNe set the ladies straight regarding their tardiness!

    Sidenote: I absolutely love love love Kenya’s “Gone with the wind fabulous!” It gets lots of laugh as my new ringtone!

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