Kenya Moore Hopes NeNe Leakes Quits RHOA


In a recent interview, RHOA star NeNe Leakes admitted she was considering quitting the show.

“I feel like girls are purposely hired to gang up on me,” NeNe said. “I don’t know if I have the patience for another season, all those women arguing is draining.”

Now, NeNe’s co-star Kenya Moore is responding to Leakes’ complaint. She says she hopes NeNe does quit.

“I wish she’d just quit the show,” Kenya told In Touch. “If she’s so happy doing all these other things, why come back?”

“Her objective is to turn everyone against me,” Kenya said of NeNe. “That’s what she tried to do with her little beastly crew.”

“The women seemed intimidated by my presence,” Kenya added. “I speak my mind and don’t necessarily look for a fight, but I don’t back down from them, so perhaps that’s why [they have it out for me].”

Photo Credit: NBC

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Of course Mizz Twirl wants NayNay to quit- then she fancies her complete takeover as the top pageant Queen of RHOA- God forbid! A unchecked Kenya? I couldn’t take it. I would have to quit the show.

Who in the he!! would take this woman serious enough to make her pilot sitcom a success fan wise? Kenya is NASTY. Too many enemies and not enough fan support (Twitter fans are just that, they befriend her just to watch her spew negative crap to other cast mates, to be in the loop of her nastiness, very few are Real fans).
Nene needs to stop acting as if her shi÷ don’t stink, it’s getting super old already. Dang.

Could you imagine working for this wench? After treating you like garbage, your pay checks would bounce!

Nene needs to go. She thinks WAY too much of herself. Bye girl!

I disagree all the way down the road. Kenya needs to go & soon. She’s a rotten egg & still thinks she’s the cat’s whiskers in the beauty department. Sorry Kenya, you are a definite “has been”. Don’t slam the door on your way out.

I wish she’d cop on a bit but she’s still the most needed on the show.
She does need to be taken down a peg or two.

That show should get the ax…the women are boring, fugly…it lacks class

I would love to see NeNe Leakes quit the show or even be fired. She is jealous and afraid of the other women doing better than her. NeNe Leakes, Phaedra, and Porsche all three of them are fake they all make these backhanded comments. Nene is fake if you don’t realize how she talks in an interview she tries to sound all proper she’s not proper at all. NeNe Leakes blames Nana on her nasty talking ways to the other women when she can’t handle it….

Totally my least favorite show now…I can’t stand Kenya – anyone see her on Celebrity Apprentice? When asked who should win – she says Geraldo – of course cause she wouldn’t want to see a woman win when Leeza totally deserved it – Kenya is angry and self-centered and a huge reason why Atlanta is gone downhill….

Kenya thinks if Nene quits, she’ll be top dog. No matter how she’s softened this year, she’s still a mean hateful person. If Nene left, I’d probably stop watching all together. i barely watch now since most are not housewives or anywhere near real and there is no storyline. Kenya brought the show down when she came on. Too much drama.

can’t wait till next week,when we see whites of kenyas eyes again after fist comes towards her for her cheap gossip lol,that preview was so funny, i should have had a depends on

She should quit she’s nasty