Kenya Moore Gives Update On Her Relationship Status


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is dishing about the current status of her love life and while she isn’t naming names, she was last linked to Matt Jordan, who we will see on the upcoming season of the show.

“He’s about 16 years younger than me,” she shared on The Real this week. “So there is quite an age difference, but he is wonderful. He’s kind. He’s sweet. He’s intelligent and he loves me.” She added that she also cares about him “because he’s so generous, not with necessarily money but he is, but his time, his emotions, like he’s very giving.”

Moore added that it’s not always easy for her and her man due to some generational differences. “Well it’s been about a year and a half, we’re still figuring things out because my experience is one thing and relationships, and of course he hasn’t had as much as I have, so sometimes we lock horns. I feel like sometimes I am trying to be patient and I don’t want to emasculate him,” she said. “It’s just like this constant power struggle. I think a lot of if it is because he’s younger and maybe sometimes we just don’t speak the same language. I don’t know anything in particular because it happens a lot, but just like fighting for things I post on Instagram, like little silly things that I’m like if I was dating someone much older, I wouldn’t be fighting about stuff like this.”

Kenya and Matt:


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18 Replies to “Kenya Moore Gives Update On Her Relationship Status”

  1. SIGH……and yet another George Glass invented by cuckoo puffs. I don’t doubt that she can attract a man, but she is friggin looney tunes so men seem to run for the hills eventually. lol.

    1. I agree! She should be very appreciative for having a man to put up with her silliness. Her reference to him not giving money is just insulting to him. Her way to “win” the so called power struggle. And why a power struggle? She is just silly.

  2. Translation: “I am getting banged by a younger man, he has no money, but he has testosterone and bangs me whenever he pleases. I am happy”

    1. Men been doing it for years. If
      he’s simply her boy toy he’s a fine ass private joy and I’m sure she is getting plenty of bang for her buck!

    2. I don’t see it working out for long term. She has a childish, vindictive personality, and he’s not only young, but seems to be more brawn than brains – and always looks like he might be slightly touched in the head with a bit of PTSD from his time in the military ( not unlike Briana’s husband on RHOOC). Unless he plays the role of being the faithful handservant to her delusional view of herself as Queen of Everything 24/7, I see power struggles and major communication problems happening with those two…and fights that probably turn into volcanic eruptions, primarily because there are no adults actually present in the relationship…just an evil Prom Queen and her barely hinged Toy Soldier making a mess of things.

      1. Nobody would see anything long-term with Kenya…that woman is neither girlfriend nor wife material…she’s a “bang-bang-thank-you-m’aam” kind of thing

    1. I don’t know who your sources are, but Todd was an production industry professional long before he met Kandi, beginning his career working for OPRAH. He may not have Kandi’s millions, but he certainly has pedigree in terms of having an actual career and pulling the same salary as any corporate executive. One can’t actually compare that socio-economic status to a freelance personal trainer at the local gym. Beyond whatever pojects he’s collaborated on with his wife since they married, he also has his own shows produced by his company…I think it’s safe to say Matt has a little further to go in the career department.

      1. Thats right.

        Todd and Kandi met in Africa when the ATL housewives went on one of the cast trips. He was on the production team that filmed the trip.

      2. I just found this website about a month or 2 past.

        I started writing my thoughts here today.

        Anyways I just want to compliment your writing. I enjoy and respect your writing the most here.

  3. Those old atl housewife take care there mens…just as long as he have a peni. He don’t have to have nothin.look how kandi take care todd..they are fools with money….

  4. Men been doing it for years. If Matt is simply her boy toy she is definitely getting plenty of bang for her buck!

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