Kenya Moore Fires Back At Cynthia Bailey! Says She’s Insecure & Pathetic!

Real Housewives of Alanta’s Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog to fire back at cast mate Cynthia Bailey. She discusses the Success Party, and how Cynthia seemed “insecure” when she was talking to NeNe. She also explains that she feels Cynthia disrespected Vanessa Williams by some of the comments she made about Kenya winning Miss USA. Read what else she had to say below!

Kenya writes, “There was a lot going on at the Success party. Cynthia seemed very insecure about my conversation I was having with NeNe. I applaud NeNe for being a bigger person and remaining neutral and allowing for us to have a connection. I also felt embarrassed for Cynthia because she came across as territorial and desperate to keep me away from NeNe. But I digress.

As far as Cynthia asking me what year I won my title, it seemed pathetic. To add insult to injury she asked if I was “before or after Vanessa Williams.” Firstly, Vanessa Williams is a goddess in my eyes and a living icon. I’m not on her level yet, nor do I pretend to be. However, she is my role model — kind, generous, smart, and a great person.

Secondly, whether you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, live in America or abroad, Vanessa Williams made history as the first Black woman to be crowned Miss America. That was a victory for brown women around the WORLD. Who didn’t cry when she cried? Who didn’t feel their hearts swell up with pride when her name was called? What brown woman didn’t feel validated or vindicated for all the years we had been told we were ugly, lesser than, or inferior to Western beauty? Regardless of how Cynthia may feel about me, it is heartless to try to knock down or diminish an accomplishment such as mine. Vanessa Williams opened the door for me and I graciously walked through it. I hope there are other young women that will walk through the door I opened for them in 1993 (19 years ago). There is a fight bigger than the one Cynthia is now picking with me. Yet, we still need to fight for fair representation.

Cynthia’s question that was meant as a “read” actually manages to put down Vanessa as a lack of recognition, myself, and an accomplishment of a people — not of a single woman.

I also saw Cynthia’s tweets about me being a liar because I explained exactly how I was invited to the casting. I may be a lot of things, but not a liar. Her points are so silly and to buy into any more of Cynthia’s empty rhetoric is simply exhausting. She likes to beat a dead horse. It’s dead, Cynthia. Let it die already.

With all that said. It’s probably best that we focus on empowering and uplifting other women that you and I both agree on. Let’s move on.”

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  • Lisa

    Right off the bat you could see Kenya is a very, very jealous person. Which means she is insecure about herself. She s threatened by these women and this is why she stoops to such low blows. She knows Cynthia is beautiful, much more beautiful than she is, jealous, insecure. The Brandi issue she took with her by boyfriend, jealous, insecure. The man was being honest, nothing happened and she saw green anyway. Kenya has come on the show because she knows drama. Once again she wants to be the center of the universe. Mark my words, one by one she is going to take the girls down until her ego is so full. Kenya’s insecurity is glaring. She is threatened, that’s why she s in animal attack mode. If any of the girls even appear to be in the spot light, they had better duck, the bitch is coming for them. The woman doesn’t know compromise or kindness, she saves that for the weak. Kenya s nothing but an old, drooping, bully. You’ll see over and over again. Really, if she had any kind of true confidence or faith in herself she would have taken the high road. But no, not in Kenya territory. She must be the Queen. Deep inside she’s nothing but a calculating mean bitch that will step on anyone who gets in her way. Big deal, she was Miss America or Miss USA as she keeps correcting everyone. She certainly doesn’t have any grace or poise anymore. The girl needs serious psychotherapy to work through her ego issues and to learn some respect.

  • Anne

    No Kenya, you are soooo wrong. You are the one who is pathetic and insecure and mean and nasty too. Cynthia will always, always be a better person than you could ever even dream of being. But you are so far gone in la, la, Kenya land that you could never be like her. You are nothing but a rude, Mean Girl.