Is Kenya Moore Being Fired From RHOA Because Her Husband Marc Daly Won’t Appear?

RHOA star Kenya Moore had a lot of surprises for us in the season 10 premiere. Not only did Kenya reveal that she had eloped, but she also shared with the ladies that she will be moving out of Moore Manor and into a new home with her husband, Marc Daly.

Kenya is currently sharing a new home with her husband and this week on Instagram she gave us a sneak peek of their house.

“Came home to our place after leaving Mr. Daly for a few days to his own devices,” Kenya joked on Instagram. “Now if he had actually made the bed I’d have to check his temperature to see if he was ill. Had the nerve to say he tidied up.”

Earlier this week, Kenya also revealed why she chose to move out of Moore Manor. “I believe when you get married you should move into a new home together to build a new life,” she tweeted. “To each his own.”

In other Kenya news, a new report claims that we will not see Kenya’s husband Marc on RHOA at all this season and this choice could have sealed her fate with the franchise.

“Marc [Daly] will not appear on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 10,” an insider told RadarOnline. “He refused to sign the appearance release and he even declined the producers’ attempt to lure him in for a few scenes with compensation.”

“They will mention Marc often throughout the show this season,” the insider noted, adding that Moore “is very unlikely to be invited back” for season 11.

“Kenya is the first Real Housewife in the history of the format to hide their spouse from the show,” the insider added. “Even though Bravo execs were left in the dark about her nuptials, they made multiple efforts to accommodate Kenya throughout taping in the hopes that she would introduce her husband on-camera when she felt comfortable.”

“Her lack of cooperation and choice to keep her husband away from the show hurts her because she does not have anything compelling going on in her life this season,” the insider said. “This season will showcase how Kenya’s lack of transparency on her new relationship puts a strain on her dynamic with the group as they question the legitimacy of her union.”

“Due to Kenya’s unwillingness to showcase the progression of her relationship this season, RHOA friends Kim Zolciak and Eva Marcille will gain additional screen time,” the insider concluded.

Kenya married Marc in June, just before filming began. Bravo was reportedly furious that they weren’t invited to film the ceremony, and she was forced to renegotiate her contract after the wedding.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Pierre

    It is hard to believe that they would drop Kenya considering she is a fan favourite and has contributed so much to the show previously. Also, it is not up to her whether or not her husband agrees to being filmed and Bravo should respect his choice. After all, this is housewives and I don’t think it is fair to discriminate against someone simply because their significant other does not want to be on the show. It is up to Kenya to find alternative story lines for herself if she is truly no longer bringing anything to RHOA – this would be a valid reason for firing someone.

  • Janice Martel Hart

    I would be more open to watching the show if Kenya were gone. RHOA was always one of my favorites, until they added her, and now I seldom watch.

  • kt

    Sounds like Bravo is over and done playing her games…if this is true and not just show hype…

  • Starr

    Shucks, this is a Housewives show, not househusbands.
    This is husband Marc’s choice, not Kenya’s.
    As much as I dislike Kenya, fair is fair.

  • justanothermary

    Wait . . Kim never showed Big Poppa and Dina never had her husband on RHONJ. Phaedra kept huge parts of her life away from the camera. I DO believe Kenya will be fired and do believe she should be, I think there’s a lot more to her firing than her simply not being willing to share her husband with us.

  • Moihere

    Bye girl. Can’t wait until she twirls out of the picture.

  • Roxanne Vasco

    How do two adults sleep in a double bed? Are they living in a hotel? That just seems weird to me. A small bed, white TJ Max covers, small cheap picture frame & cheap pillows. Doesnt seem what she would choose for her marital bed.

  • melodie Phillips

    I don’t care what reason they use……. get her out she is an embarrassment, rude, disgusting and so judgmental