Kenya Moore On Her Father’s Sit-Down With Matt Jordan

RHOA star Kenya Moore is dishing on the sit-down with her father and boyfriend Matt Jordan during this week’s episode in a new interview with Bravo. Moore explains how her relationship with her father has changed over the years and says he was completely fair and respectful with Matt during their conversation. How has your relationship with your dad changed over the years?
Kenya Moore:
My dad was only 15 when I was born. He wasn’t in a position to take care of me when my mother wanted to give me up for adoption. Through the years we have struggled as I never understood why we were always at odds or not speaking at all…sometimes for years at a time. Over the last few years I made a concerted effort to repair my relationship with my family. My Dad and I had a heart to heart and for the first time I finally understood his pain. Our relationship has never been better. Was your dad a big source of support during all the issues with Matt?
He has known of my previous relationships and marriage proposals, and we have spoken about my exes on the show before. But he had never met Matt. Unfortunately, I wish it was under better circumstances. He has been happily married for over 35 years and is still very much in love with his wife. He is a great source of information and support. At the end of the day, all my dad wants is for me to be happy. What went through your mind during the confrontation with Matt?
I thought my dad was very respectful and fair with Matt. Although Matt can calmly express himself with others, he cannot control his anger or his emotions when he gets hurt or upset when speaking to me. He constantly keeps score, holds on to things that happened in the beginning of our relationship, and behaves in a tit for tat manner. Age is not a factor, but maturity is. He states he wants my respect, but he breaks down doors in hotels and breaks windows in the home I have put my heart, soul, and hard earned money into. As such, nothing warrants this type of violence.

With that said, I have appreciated the fans and their support, criticism, and prayers for me and Matt. There were so many people rooting for us, because they saw genuine love between us. Our flaws, struggles, and feelings are broadcast to the world, and it’s not always pretty. People can lie, but your eyes do not. Thank you for seeing the truth and speaking on it. This is not the easiest time for me with the holidays upon us, but I wish you all Happy Holidays and thank you for your love.

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5 Replies to “Kenya Moore On Her Father’s Sit-Down With Matt Jordan”

  1. Sorry Kenya for my doubt but I think your father felt compelled to come to your defense since you are on TV and his world would be watching his reactions. It seems you never reconciled before RH and if he truly wanted to come why did he ask for the airfare. It seems that those in your life have a hard time loving you. By the way – where has your Aunt been since she was the only one who truly seemed to care about

  2. Why did Kenya have the need2drag her father in this drama. Matt has broken stuff up& displayed his violent tendencies. Why not just walk away. Don’t tell me,”Bc I love him”! That will get her a cup of coffee & an interview in the police station next time. If he doesn’t kill her! This guy is escalating. She needs2 cut her loses & stay away from him. We have seen on the nightly news what happens2women that make stupid choices! It’s better 2B alone than with bad company!! I’m out. Peace!

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