Kenya Moore Explains Why She Kicked Porsha Stewart Out Of Her Party!

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her party in the finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya explains why she kicked Porsha Stewart out of her party for not coming dressed as her “assigned ICON.” Kenya says she always apologizes when she is wrong, but has not received the same from Porsha for some of the names Porsha called her throughout the Season.

Kenya writes, “All the girls came to the party and never once complained about their assigned costumes. My amazing team created live reenactments from the movies of each character the girls were appearing, so it was imperative that they came as their assigned ICONS. If they didn’t want to comply with the hostess’ requests, they should have simply declined the invitation and stayed home. What clearly was premeditated is someone making their own rules to upset me at my own event, which I meticulously planned and paid for. Most importantly, I extended an olive branch toward forgiveness. When you have a history with me of being disrespectful, spiteful, and unapologetic, then you will be shown the nearest exit to the left.

I love me some NeNe, but she did not hesitate to “kick us out” of her house party that we never got in to. I listen, but I don’t have to always agree. However, I appreciate and respect her opinion. In this case, I felt that I should have merely asked “Dorothy” to leave rather than have her escorted out. I have always apologized when I feel I have been wrong. (Phaedra, Cynthia, Anguilla).  Yet, I have NEVER received one apology from someone who called me “whore, trash, raisin face, old, ashy” and taunted me throughout the year often laughing at the unfortunate demise and pain in my relationship, even invited my ex to a party, insulted me after I was uncomfortable at the shameful spectacle made at her charity event I politely left, told I was on the curb where I should be… In any event, I realize that I am a bigger, more reasonable, and more accountable person. Life’s experiences have immeasurable value. I would be insane if I did the same thing over and over and expect a different response. I cannot expect more from someone that only wants to win at all costs. They will lose every time in life. We are all culpable for our actions. I own up to mine.”

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4 Replies to “Kenya Moore Explains Why She Kicked Porsha Stewart Out Of Her Party!”

  1. Kenya is NOTHING but a low down, dirty street bitch at heart.
    I won’t even read this posting, seeing her picture pop up is enough.
    Look at her eyes, they are filled with noting but “hate” for all the world to see.
    Go away……..

  2. She is NOT the “bigger person” in any room. I’m so sick of these woman having parties and saying or believing it’s all about them. A hostess is supposed to care that her guests are comfortable, feeling welcome, and having a good time. A party is NOT to showcase how frappin’ “fabulous” the hostess is and have everyone there revere her.

  3. Good for u Kenya. This is why you will grow as a human. Portia will be stagnant and everyone else that cannot own their shade. You have redeemed yourself to the world because WE ALL MAKE mistakes but we all don’t apologize for it. I am impressed and although NeNe used to be my fave she can learn from u. She thinks because she can yell louder she is right but she was not correct in siding with Portia Portia brought this upon herself when she agreed to come as Baps. Kenya u r my nu fav. And u r gorge

    1. We do all make mistakes, but any five year old should know that you don’t invite someone to a party, and then through them out because they didn’t comply with your silly dictates. Is the whole country so ignorant that basic manners have become a Rubik’s Cube that nobody can see their way to muddle through?

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