Kenya Moore Explains How Her Truce With Phaedra Parks Happened


After all the years of tension between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks, it seems like the two are finally reconciled this season on the show and Kenya is explaining just exactly how that happened.

Kenya told The Daily Dish that she’s “in a much better place with Phaedra,” and she’s “just getting to know her again” these days. She explained that they were able to move past their drama once they had taken responsibility for each of their actions.

“Phaedra and I had apologized to each other two years ago, accepted one another’s apology, and really, to me, had a heartfelt one-on-one and owned what we did to each other. It wasn’t one-sided, one person didn’t refuse to apologize or own it,” Kenya said. “And I believe the difference is that Phaedra and I started off as being friends, it went askew, and then we decided that you know what, it’s been enough time, and we have both owned what we have done to each other and we just want to move on. We want to evolve. We’re grown women. Let’s just put all that stuff behind us. And I think it makes it easier that way.”

Kenya also said staying friendly with Phaedra while she’s doing her “Frick and Frack” thing with Porsha Williams hasn’t been that difficult, even if she did ask both of them to leave Moore Manor during her housewarming party earlier this season.

“I’m friends with Kandi [Burruss], and Kandi isn’t close to Phaedra anymore. Cynthia [Bailey]’s had fallings out with Porsha and Phaedra, and we all have had fallings out with each other, and they evolve. Our relationships evolve over time,” Kenya explained.

Do you think this truce between Kenya and Phaedra will last?

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