Kenya Moore Explains Her Relationship With Walter! Plus- Why She’s ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous!’

Kenya Moore

Controversial Real Housewife of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, is taking to her Bravo Blog to set a few things straight. First, she explains her relationship with Walter, and HER side of the story, and she admits that NeNe saw something she didn’t in Walter. Next, Kenya explains why she was so offended by Porsha, and what led to their explosive fight. Last, Kenya explains her catch phrase, ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous.’


“I moved to Atlanta around February, for one, hoping to rekindle the relationship I had with Walter. He was still single, said he wanted to have more children, said he could see me as his wife and wanted the same things I did. I moved forward hoping that I could have everything with him. When the RHOA came along in April, he couldn’t have been happier for me and said he didn’t mind our relationship being followed on TV. He intimated to me that he wanted to be married to me and that it would happen soon. I’m always talking about it on the show because he made it seem imminent. It was an exciting time for me.

NeNe is a good judge of character, which is why we are friends. I think she saw something that I didn’t see or didn’t want to see when we were in Anguilla.


I was sweet and kind to all the women on this trip. I was trying to get to a better place and bond with them and move on. ALL of the women acknowledged that my behavior was positive toward them. But when someone has it out for you, they want to have a problem with you, so they will make one.

Clearly, I was trying to avoid conflict until the condescending and nasty insults started being spewed at me like: “I’m a nonfactor, I’m old, etc.” I admit, I made some mistakes being too “wild” on the trip, but certainly steered clear of confrontation with the ladies. Being called old by someone only 10 years younger than you is just trite. But, some names are an abomination and one should never call a woman, especially one that you barely know. My flirting and silly nonsense on vacation doesn’t warrant being called a whore. This was way below the belt. This was unforgivable.


Being called old is the last dirty word you can call a woman. The fact is, if we are lucky we will all age graciously with wisdom, grace, and dignity. If we are blessed, life is about seeing our children grow and their children grow to live a long, happy life full of love. Life is precious. After seeing the senseless Connecticut massacre this week, it makes this sentiment all the more precious. Life is never promised to us. My heartfelt condolences go out to the families who lost their angels.


When an insecure woman is jealous, immature, spiteful, and/or ignorant, they will always try to tear an accomplished, beautiful woman down in order to feel better about their own lack of success. However, one cannot rewrite history. My legacy is untouchable, and I’m most proud of my professional achievements and accomplishments I have been able to bequeath despite the odds.

With that said, there have been many women whom I admire, respect, and marvel at their inner strength and beauty from the past that have provided inspiration for me as a young girl studying history and the arts. Knowledge is truly power. Without these bold, brave trailblazers, there would be no past, present, or future for generations to come.

In 1939 (73 years ago) Hattie McDaniel was the first Black woman to win an Academy Award for her performance in Gone With The Wind. Ms. McDaniel played a loyal maid in a time where roles for women of color were few and far between. Hattie was widely criticized for playing a maid, but without her inner strength, it’s unclear what our legacy as a people would be now. Certainly, she has enriched my life. Her incredible feat defied racism, hatred, segregation and civil uncertainty and unrest.

In my eyes, Hattie McDaniel is a “shero.” She is the sole reason that Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg, Mo’nique, and Octavia Spencer, etc. (all Oscar recipients) can proudly wear their crowns of being legendary and fabulous Black women of film. I appreciate all the incredible women I have to admire and aspire to be like. I will strive to recover from my many missteps and win my fans over again despite the people who laugh when I stumble instead of offering me a hand.  I hope that I can find a man who loves me for me. But in the meantime, I’ll continue to be strong and humble and not let anyone steal my shine in order to gain fame off my misfortunes.

I’m Kenya Moore. I’m 41 and fabulous! My age, race, religion, social economic standing, and marital status are not indicators of my past, present, or future as I too can defy the odds just like Hattie. I am bold. I am humble. I am strong. I am complicated. I am complex. I am vulnerable. I am resilient. I am good. I am honest –That’s what makes me fabulous.

I will forever be GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS. And I hope I can inspire others to be Gone With The Wind fabulous too at any age.”

Tell Us- What do YOU think of Kenya?

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6 Replies to “Kenya Moore Explains Her Relationship With Walter! Plus- Why She’s ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous!’”

  1. Kenya, you are so full of it! Don’t compare yourself to these legends. Yes, you are gone with the wind and it stinks. Try honesty. You portray yourself on RHOA. A mean, calculating, jealous, attention starved being. You might want to think about what the word “RESPECT” means. If what you said above is true to you the logical thing would be to be apologizing. Do you have any empathy? No, it’s Kenya’s world. Old and rotten to the core.

  2. “you can kiss the blackest part of my behind,” is one for the etiquette books everywhere. Why is this psycho on RHOA, I miss me some Sheree Whitfield right about now!

  3. Kenya seems to establishing herself to us. And clearly tv is sending poor messages. If you read what she says then you can unde rstand her.
    I think Porsha tact in addressing she and Kenyas incident was offensive. She said have talked about her feelings and HOW Kenyas behaviour made her feel. Kenya would not hsve attavked. She was provoked.
    I think Walter was disrespectful. He came on the show thru Kenya. He didn’t stick to the deal. He broke a contract . He agreed to do it, so he’s just a s much as a liar as she is.
    Kenya was wrong how she treated Cynthia unaccrpt , I’m glad she s pologizrd

  4. Kenya, you are a liar, low budget ratchett phony Bi!!!!!!!. have the doctor make sure your fat from you thighs that been shoot in your butt dont drop you look stinky, you are a Bipolar pimple spot face jealous drama Tramp.

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