Kenya Moore Explains Flirting With Phaedra’s Husband Apollo Nida!

Kenya Moore

Real Housewife of Atlanta Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog to assure viewers that she doesn’t want Phaedra’s husband, Apollo! She said she cringed when she watched the episode back, and that she and Phaedra remain close friends, despite what Phaedra said in her interviews. Kenya explains that the horsing around in the pool was harmless, and they were all just having a great time. Read what else Kenya said below.

Kenya writes, “The fact is, we were having a great time and I’m sure you all could see there were drinks flowing, good music, good conversation, and we let our hair down. We were all horsing around and it was HARMLESS. When I watched the show playback I cringed a little. I was acting a fool!  What was in that rum punch? LOL! Does it appear that I flirt with Apollo by pushing him in a pool? I was playing around and being silly — not flirting with Apollo. I did not think he was flirting either by pushing me back.  Now, as to the “tall drink of water,” guilty. Perhaps it was passive aggressive behavior. I’m not saying it was proper, but it is a possibility I was acting out.

With that said, I don’t think that having fun or flirting warrants being ostracized or having to wear a scarlet letter on my chest. We were all having the best time. NeNe even flirts some, but no one took that seriously and no one should take my flirting seriously either.  It appears through Phaedra’s interviews that she had strong opinions about it and fired warning shots in my direction. However, by the end of the trip, you will see that Phaedra and I remained close friends and she saw it for what it was, HARMLESS. We kept it moving. No harm, no foul. She knows I didn’t and don’t want Apollo. I don’t want any man that is married. When I go to sleep at night, I get in my own bed and there isn’t anyone’s husband in it.

I strongly support and believe in the institution and sanctity of marriage. And despite the odds, I hope all of the happy couples endure the challenges of staying together under the microscopic, critical eye of a reality TV show.”

Tell Us- Do YOU believe Kenya?

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  • Michelle

    I would like to say there’s nothing wrong with what you ask if it was me you asked i would’ve said you Kenya and Kim..i so love you guys..i would marry you in a heartbeat asks give you kids if i was a man..i wish i was

  • Akhendra

    I do not believe Kenya. I really thought she would bring more class to the show. Watching her is very disappointing. She is a beautiful woman on the outside, but very negative and insecure, which makes her an ugly individual. She is old and desperate and hating on Porsha because she has what Kenya wants.

    • Chris

      Agree with Akhendra, i do not believe Kenya either she was flirting with Apollo, and was trying to get his attention in every way. Had he asked (sex) she would have.
      She trying to say the Alcohol was to blame. BS! Kenya is a desperate lonely woman who wants what Phaedra has A MAN……and a family.
      Everything we see on the show that Kenya puts out, is exactly why she does not have a man or family.
      After all these years no one has married her or gave her children, she going on fifty years old.
      she might as well go on adopt and stop pretending she has a Africian Prince………

  • candi!

    YES! MS.Kenya moore was very disrespectful on that apollo note! From watching the show she is the only person I know who demands that you treat her right but she can flirt and say anything she please to. However Ne-NE seems to keep all of yall in check @times!