Kenya Moore Dishes On Her TV Pilot


Kenya Moore is opening up about the TV pilot she has been working on. In a new interview with Bravo, Kenya says she appreciated Roger Bobb’s input about her project but needs someone who can give their time and fully commit. Moore also weighs in on Claudia’s talk with Porsha Williams. Were you disappointed when Roger Bobb wasn’t available to work with you?
Kenya Moore: When you are producing, you need people who are fully committed to your project. Roger Bobb is a talented producer and we both wanted to work together, however, if he couldn’t be there 100% of the time, then it would have been a disservice to my project. I have produced over 5 highly successful films independently to date, as well as a workout DVD, infomercial and commercials, and now a television pilot, with films being the most difficult. When you are following the Tyler Perry model — writing, producing, directing, and starring in a single production — you need to have a producer that can oversee the production, allowing me to focus on the work and the creative. One must be present during the entire process and post production. However, I do appreciate his input and his honestly about his availability. That was the professional thing to do. Were you throwing a little shade Cynthia’s way over her acting skills?
KM: We all know I’m the queen of shade, but on this one I have to admit I had never personally seen Cynthia act, therefore I had no reason to be shady. She told me she had one line on The Cosby Show. I understand and respect that everyone has to start somewhere, but I don’t think anyone can tell if you have real chops with one line. I also know how passionate Cynthia is about exploring acting, and I wanted to give her a fair shot at a role by auditioning her. That was only fair. What was going through your head watching Claudia and Porsha’s confrontation?
KM: It was clear that she has an issue with Claudia from the beginning. I thought it was big of Claudia to go and support her and the company they both work for. However, she chose to see that as a negative. Claudia made a valid point as to why she was offended when she laughed so loudly at being called a “whore” even though Claudia knew she had done some things that people could easily label her the same. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. With that said, it’s impossible to talk to someone that does not want to like you or be friends with you because of your association with someone else they chose to dislike. They will never give you a chance. I’m not surprised that she is simply following NeNe’s lead. I also thought “the evil city woman” comment from her mother was quite inappropriate. I hope these two can come to terms and civilly flush out their issues.

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5 Replies to “Kenya Moore Dishes On Her TV Pilot”

  1. I will never understand why you women choose to have those conversations in the most inappropriate places. You don’t have a”chat” like that at an even or restaurant. It’s just so rude to those around you. Go sit in your living room or the middle of the woods with the other wolves. How about a little more kindness, charity and actual fun for a change. Please

  2. Really Kenya? Your idiotic idea for a sitcom was so ludicrous that even you couldn’t get through the reading of it without laughing. The title alone was insultingly stupid. Go away with you boring and unimaginative ideas. There is a reason why you are not a working actress and no one of consequence is seriously interesting in you. You are a Joke, and a old one at that.

  3. I feel Kenya can’t be considered seriously because she’s forever in the shade throwing mode. Sometimes in life we have to step out of hate and mean modes in our life. I really have never witnessed a human side of you, where you genuinely care about another person and where you put the drama aside. Any time you appear to take a human side like the day you met with NeNe and Porshea and asked Porshea for a hug an appeared to “want to move” forward, and later on you were back “side talking” and starting all over again. You are not truthful in any of your attempts to “rise above” this childish behavior. Kenya you want this, and you have proven on several occasions you lie. You told Vivica the same thing about” putting things to the side and starting over at the beginning of the bun challenge, knowing you had tried sabotaging her in the worse way,through her brand. You lie and tell people these things for them to “let there guard down. Your every thought is to hurt and harrm others, the way you were hurt by your mother. Kenya you need serious help. No one should take anything you say “to be true” regardless how you present yourself. I feel you can’t be a friend to anyone, because your jealousy is dangerous. You should do a pilot about raw unfiltered hate and you play the main character of hate. This would be a Academy award winner. But your inner hate really makes you look so ugly and it’s not a great look. I am praying for your Soul and praying you” get help “before you really hurt or injure someone.

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