Kenya Moore Dishes On The RHOA Reunion


Kenya Moore appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night after part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired. Moore answered viewer questions and dished about the reunion with Andy Cohen.

First, Andy points out that he found it interesting that Phaedra Parks revealed she has not filed for divorce. “Yeah it was news to me,” Moore admitted. “I think to the whole world.”

As for Porsha Williams’ claims that Kordell cheated on her? “I’ve never heard that,” Moore said. “I’ve heard the opposite.”

The first caller asked Kenya about her makeup with Phaedra in the Philippines and what happened between then and the reunion taping. “I thought it was positive that we made up and I thought it was genuine and then we get to the reunion and we rehash a lot of the old stuff that we had been through and it brings up all those old feelings again,” Kenya explained. “Then out of the blue she calls me a whore again. So, it’s unfortunate we have to keep going backwards. But I’m done with it. I really wish Phaedra all the best and her children and I think that she has to find her own way back.”

Andy asks Moore if she’s made up with Brandi Glanville yet. “I don’t have a desire to make up with her. I think she is who she is and I think she’s shown the world who she is,” Kenya says.

The next caller asked Kenya if she thinks she’ll ever be able to get an apology from Porsha Williams. “I think she made it very clear that I won’t. She was ver adamant about that,” Kenya says. “Do I think should? Absolutely. If someone does something morally incorrect and legally incorrect, I think they owe themselves the opportunity to set the record straight and say they’re sorry for what they did.”

Andy asks Kenya if she’s still with the man she met on Millionaire Matchmaker. “Things are going well,” Kenya revealed, adding that he’s never watched the show. “I’m taking it very slow.”

Cohen kept the shade coming when he asked Moore if she’s ever run into her old flame Walter Jackson. “Never,” Kenya revealed. “Since I dumped him, never. Bye girl!”

Next, Andy asked Kenya what she thought the headline of tonight’s reunion was. “People being stuck I think. Going backwards. It feels like we we’re going backward,” Kenya says.

The last caller asks Moore her thoughts on Peter Thomas being in the middle of Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage. “Peter is very outspoken and I don’t think he meant anyone any harm,” Kenya explains. “He was just repeating what Apollo had told him. I think it ended there.”

Preview next week’s episode of the RHOA reunion.

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21 Replies to “Kenya Moore Dishes On The RHOA Reunion”

  1. Kenya is the most disgusting woman. Her ego is as big as a hot air baloon. The new man she is dating should definitely watch this show to see the trash he is going out with.

  2. Claudia, Cynthia and Kenya have NO storyline, no $$$ and no lives and need to go. I believe BRAVO will get rid of at least one of these three soon. Sad the only storyline they have is bashing NeNe, Porsha and Phaedra. Pathetic season this year!!!!! No wonder numbers dropped 1-2million an espiside this year.

  3. Kenya moore is fake fake fake fake. She is no better than brandi Glanville. I wish they would get someone on there to put her in her place since nene has lost her steam

    1. She says she owns her mistakes – if that were true she would give the cell phone back to Viveca Fox. She is pure evil.

    2. Brandi is actually better than her by far because she’s coming from something and makes a life out of her past humiliation (her ex cheating on her and dumping her). Kenya is just a fame whore whose ego is bigger than Beyonce, and thinks she’s the queen of whatever… no you’re not, you’re pathetic Kenya. We all know your ass is fake, your tits are fake, half of your face is face from your nose to your eye contacts to your hair! Shut up and go away! Please Bravo Fire Kenya!

  4. Just for sh*ts and giggles they should bring Walter on the reunion. He should ask Kenya since she now has her vindication can he get his vindication. Like why were you suggesting that I was gay? That would be a reunion highlight

  5. The Kenya’s, the Tamara’s & definitely the Brandi’s of the world should not be in anyone’s world. They are all maliciously evil.

  6. None of the women on RHOA are really worth cheering for. Just different levels of terrible. And enough with the ‘shade’, the ‘thirst’ blah blah . There isn’t ONE positive warm interaction between any of these women, even the ones who claim they like each other. I find them all selfish and arrogant and just bitchy (all the time bitchy!)

  7. Kenya is Crazy … But she’s beautiful and smart and those two qualities are used against her more than then needed.

    If she were ugly like Nene , a complete idiot like Porsha , or in a screwed up relationship like Phaedra , perhaps the majority of viewers would warm up to her , I think a lot of the RHOA viewers see themselves more in those three which is kind of pathetic but look at society.

    1. Right! Many of the comments are too personal which leads me to believe that they may come from Nene. The name calling, especially the “whore” label is gross and is beneath a woman of quality. Furthermore, Nene once a sympathetic character has now become ruthless and possibly deserving of the awful humiliation extended to her by former cast mate Sheree.

  8. If your not a Kenya fan–why are you reading and listening to everything she says? Stop twirling yourselves into mad Jealous frenzies. The trolls on social media are some sad creatures who can’t spell even with spell check which is readily available.

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