Kenya Moore Dishes On Her Fight With Shereè Whitfield


Kenya Moore is taking to her blog to discuss the season premiere of RHOA. Moore dishes on her fight with Peter, her new house and her run-in with Shereè Whitfield. See what all she had to say about the episode below.

Welcome to Season 8! It’s such an exciting time for me. I promise to bring you Moore Manor, Moore Hair Care, and Moore Men! I’ve been busy with completing Life Twirls On, Launching Kenya Moore Hair Care, and renovating Moore Manor for the future home of my family. It’s an exciting time in my life, and I’m happy to share it with all my fans that have been so supportive of my journey.

In real estate, location is everything. Buckhead is the Beverly Hills of the South. It’s always financially sound to buy a distressed property in the best neighborhood. The future Moore Manor was stripped to the studs and is approximately 7,000 square feet of modern architecture, which is rare in Buckhead. It was a blank canvas for me to finish with my own vision. I live for all things HGTV, and I’m no stranger to power tools!

I was annoyed with Peter and disappointed that he would joke about the pain and humiliation he caused Cynthia. Her first call was to me, and I knew how it affected her. My loyalty is to Cynthia and that is her husband, so I was careful not to interfere in their marriage and encouraged her to give him the benefit of the doubt. When Peter laughed about it, I felt foolish for defending him.

I had met Sheree once or twice before. I thought it was a nice coincidence that I knew at least one of my neighbors. I personally have always seen homes as investments. I purchased a home with cash below my means so that I can also afford to complete the renovations and maintain for less than I’m paying in rent now. Not to mention the instant equity.

Now, I don’t count someone else’s money. However, Sheree chose to purchase an existing home and tear it down to then build a custom 16,000+ square foot mansion with cash — and that’s her business. With that said, it becomes the City of Atlanta’s business when the build takes over four years, making it an eye sore for the neighbors and a nuisance by bringing property values down.

When I stated the obvious ongoing issues, Sheree took to unnecessary jabs at my home. Things escalated from there because I touched on a sensitive subject. We are both strong women and prideful. I could have taken the high road and simply offered to start a Kickstarter campaign for her to finish building her house. Sheree came for me…what did you expect from Twirl?

Welcome to Season 8! LOL!

Congratulations to Kandi and Todd Tucker for their bundle of joy on the way!

May Cynthia and Peter find the strength to find happiness in their relationship.

Good luck to Porsha and her baby boo.

Between Apollo calling collect from prison and raising two boys alone, Phaedra found time to attack me by calling me “oatmeal pie face.” I guess we can add “hater” to her many jobs…

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33 Replies to “Kenya Moore Dishes On Her Fight With Shereè Whitfield”

  1. Apparently this is all fodder for television as I have never had a conflict with anyone in public or thought it appropriate to insult them, especially at a social event. Kenya was out of line and behaved like a mean girl with regard to Sheree. Not cool.

  2. After viewing last night’s episode, I was unsure of Peter. Now I am very concerned that he is trying to embarrass Cynthia as his behavior was boorish and his profanity uncalled for.

        1. Those old sayings come to mind like “there’s no accounting for taste.” And “beauty is in the eye.” ” Why does a beauty marry a bounder?” I was looking in my Lost Language Edition Book that my Daughter got me for Mother’s Day in 2013. But I didn’t find any because it is just alphabetical, not listed like “insults” “jokes” etc. So, I didn’t feel like reading the whole thing again.

      1. I like Porsha. Keeney does know how to be proper with a guest at a party, she just won’t because she might be seen then as an educated savvy woman. Putting aside any PC thoughts, I thought it was absolutely brilliant when Porsha pulled her off that couch after the septre and the bullhorn. Then when everyone went to Porsha’s side instead of Keeney, it said it all. And when Phaedra made the comment at reunion about where Keeny would be finding her baby daddy, I started clapping. Shade, darlin’. 😎

  3. So according to Kenya Sheree’s house is bringing property values down – is that why Kenya was able to buy her foreclosure so cheap. And why would you buy a place where the property values are down. It will be interesting to read all comments in the months ahead to see how long it takes Kenya to finish what she bought.

    1. I think Kenya is much better a business person than Sheree- Sheree was hoping the EX was gonna pay and now she has no financing- My bet Kenya will complete her home and Sheree will be in a tent for many many moons to come JMO

    2. This season Premier just reminds me of how LOW Peter rabbit can bring what was supposed to be his WIFE’S classy eye wear launch event down to. Gosh, all he has to do is walk into a room to bring it to gangsta low. GAG. I honestly do not and have never seen what that girl sees in him. And, seriously, Keeney, if you mean you are building that home for you future CHILDREN, you better get started, honey.

  4. The first thing I thought of when I saw Moore manor money pit, was I hope it has a good drainage system going down her driveway and around her house, it’s obvious that house has had some flooding issues, unless that is addressed the mold will keep coming back and growing!!

    1. My son has just sold a flat that had mold issues he was always ill when he lived there now healthy. She needs to be very careful.

      1. I heard it is way more expensive to tear the foundation up rather than just down to it. It is down a long hill, hidden from view. At first I didn’t notice the drive down and thought oh, look at all the lovely trees. Good thing they are lovely, because that will be her entire view. Since she wants to bring the outside in, I am curious to see if she makes a spectacular garden.

  5. Viv Fox looks GREAT. I have always liked her. Why oh why is Keeney considered any kind of a housewife at all? I know, they don’t have to be married, but marriageable at least. 😎 Shade baby.

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