Kenya Moore Discusses Pressuring Walter To Propose & Her Feuds With The Women Of RHOA!

Kenya Moore

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog to clear up a few things. She starts off by talking about her feuds with some of her co-stars. She talks about her fight with Porsha in Anguilla, and her effort to make amends with Cynthia. She also talks about her situation with Walter. She says Anguilla was miserable to relive, and she discusses how she appears to pressure Walter to marry her on the show.

Kenya writes, “I’m so happy the trip to Anguilla is over! The emotional roller coaster I was on filled with laughs, fights, and tears is one I would not want to wish on my worst enemy.

Clearly, I did not start the fight in Anguilla, as upsetting as it was to hear someone antagonize you for being a bigger person and wanting to move past former conflict. The recapitulation of the event to Kordell was false and it’s clear by his reaction and questions that he knew it was bogus as well. I have striven to be the bigger person throughout the trip. That is a fact, which is also why I chose to apologize for calling someone out on their name despite being attacked and insulted FIRST. Although I am disappointed by my delivery, I stand firm on my message; the message being no one should be verbally abusive and personally attacked for trying to be cordial. No one should judge someone they don’t know.  No one should fight for the sake of fighting. No one should hit below the belt. I know better than to get caught in a web of childish rhetoric, and when you know better you do better. I will do better.

Insecure women are quick to point out perceived physical imperfections of other women. I have purposely refrained from attacking someone and their looks, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Despite the fact that I am an actual beauty queen, no one is perfect and I am not exempt. I suffer from acne when stressed and fight metabolism and gravity daily.  But I work with what I have. Notwithstanding my attempts at keeping the peace and moving on from a horrendous silly fight laced with inflammatory name-calling, the incessant personal attacks never cease.  Hatefully calling me “Miss Raisin Face, trash, tramp,” is a testament to one’s heartless evil spirit, lack of character, and lack of a good mirror themselves.  It was equally disturbing to see someone revel in my pain by laughing and taunting in their personal interviews, but it is telling as to the real person one is versus whom they pretend to be.

I appreciate Cynthia accepting my peace offering, although I did see some tried to make that negative as well. It was a personally autographed copy of a book, my idol Vanessa Williams, wrote. How is this negative in any way and I only received ONE? I don’t even have one myself, so the book was of great value to me. But nonetheless, it was a sincere gesture and I appreciate Ms. Williams for paving a way for Cynthia, countless hopeful young girls, and myself who now thrive in the beauty industry today.

I want to thank NeNe, who made it clear to Walter that it is cruel to lie to or mislead me if he was not going to propose. We all unmistakably heard what he said on the beach. At the dinner he was cold and mean to me the entire time. He came to start drama and that’s what he got.  I want to especially thank Phaedra for comforting me during my humiliating “non proposal.”

Despite the previous sentiment, Phaedra did not take the now infamous flirting to heart. A characteristic of a grown, intelligent woman is to be able to see the truth.

Much has been made about me pressuring a man to marry me. Despite how it seems at times, I’m not crazy. I am, however, a hopeless romantic and appear anxious for marriage on the show to a man who clearly has his own agenda. On the one hand Walter says there are “3 days left and anything can happen… Anguilla would be a beautiful place to get married or elope.” I assure you my behavior is warranted. My mistake started when you rely on a man’s words and not his ACTIONS.

Unfortunately, I put my trust into Walter and believed his intentions were genuine. His true feelings are being shown to me and everyone else whilst in Anguilla. My trust, respect, faith, and feelings are rapidly deteriorating when I see his duplicitous behavior at every turn. Of course the cameras don’t catch everything a couple discusses. With that being said, our relationship issues will come to light on the upcoming shows. It can’t come and go fast enough for me. If Anguilla was paradise, this is hell to relive.

I thank God everyday for the strength and courage to endure the disappointment, pain, and often critical, constant judgment of those who do not know me.  To KNOW me is to love me. I have so much love to give and only want to share that with a man who is deserving of the woman I am when the cameras are on and off.

I may not have a husband yet, but I know what love is.  Love is kind, long-suffering, patient, forgiving, it is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no records of wrongs.”

Tell Us- What do YOU think of what Kenya wrote?

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9 Replies to “Kenya Moore Discusses Pressuring Walter To Propose & Her Feuds With The Women Of RHOA!”

  1. Does Kendra not realize we know he was a fake boyfriend that busted her out on a recent Atlanta radio show?? She is a bad lyer and actress… least I hope she was acting and really isn’t that cray cray!

  2. Ms Kendra, the man said “anything”, meaning good or bad could happen. You are too, old, to think pushing a man to marry you, without him showing True Love to you. Is that what you want, little bits of love, tossed to you like a snack to a puppy? Maybe you should get pregnant, maybe he’ll marry you then, but the same conclusion, “he Don’t Love You That Way”. You want to be an example for young black women, suck it up, move on. Don’t chase after a man for love, it don’t work, or it want last. What you have planned, get married than have a TV show called “Happily Married to Kendra?” There are men that may truly love you for you, so……wait till one comes, by the Grace of God’s direction, show his deep love for you, and ask for your heart and hand in marriage.

  3. Kenya if you believe in yourself you should not have to explain to anyone your actions. All fame is not good fame and it showed on the show. Being humble is more appreciate by many who love God . Don’t blame your self destruction attitude on anyone. Get your life and give with a passion and love. Having faith in all things and asking for wisdom before you open your month. So in the future you won’t have to explain your actions to anyone

  4. “No one should judge someone they don’t know” Kenya’s words. So why have you sat there and written all these words then. So hypocritical! Get over yourself.

  5. Kendra – I am not a hater but based on your own definition of love (kind, patient, forgiving), it appears you don’t subscribe to any of those qualities, at least as shown in your relationship with Walter. Be patient, don’t push and you will eventually find the right man for you.

  6. Kenya is FULL of it. “I am an actual beauty queen” you WERE. Like she said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but she was slinging some nasty words at Porsha. HYPOCRITE.
    Another thing that she keeps saying that really pisses me off is her saying she’s apart of history. Will she ever be in a history book? Heck no. She is not apart of any well-known piece of history-pageantry is not a presidency, or anything like the movement of Martin Luther King, Jr. Porsha’s grandfather is apart of history. So sit down.
    Kenya’s incredibly rude, condescending, and contrary to HER belief, she is CRAZY. Textbook crazy. She has proven that numerous times already. I admit, Walter was wrong to lead her on like that, but as Kandi said, sometimes men say things just to keep you in the relationship. Kenya is so desperate to be married that she will take any one word she hears and run with it all the way to the alter. That’s pretty sad.
    The only housewife I can not stand at all is Kenya. She flirts with married men, she’s incredibly rude and self-centered-did you hear her talking about Apollo and Phaedra wasting her time? GIRL YOU WERE IN THE OFFICE. THEY CAME TO YOU, THEY PAY YOUR RENT. YOUR TIME IS THEIR MONEY. So once again, SIT DOWN.

    1. I have to agree with you. Kenya is a sad case maybe she forgot to take her medicine. Better yet she got a taste of her own medicine and could not swallow it. You can tell Walter was not interest in her by his comments. At least it was on Bravo so everyone can stay clear of Walter and Kenya. they both should remember that KARMA suck.

  7. Whoa. I think that people really need to watch all the mean and nasty things they are saying. Yes, she did do somethings and say somethings that weren’t nice but she doesn’t deserve all of thid crap! And yes she will be in the history books, this is a very great title and she deserves to be there. Stop saying such horrible things to people.

    1. If Kenya did not want bad press she should conduct herself like lady as she claim to be. Our culture get enough bad press already without airing our dirty laundry on national TV. Suck it up! If this is how you show your gratitude as Miss USA then I would advise many ladies not to follow in your foot step. Vanessa showed something positive to ladies and came back as a star, shoes Kenya will never fit if she continue down this destructive path. I understand her heartache story I was never close to my mother either but to carry on like she does mean she has allow her past to damage her future. Kenya don’t let other control your future they don’t pay rent in head so let it go. You are too beautiful to come across so ugly on national TV. You gave Cynthia a book so let me share one with you ” Let it Go’ by T.D. Jakes.

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