Kenya Moore Discusses Her Relationships With RHOA Ladies!

New Housewife of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, is dishing on her fellow cast mates in an interview with Access Atlanta. She breaks it down by each Housewife, giving viewers a good idea of who she will be getting along with and who she won’t. I also add my input based on the previews I have seen and my interview with Kenya. If you haven’t already, check out my EXCLUSIVE interview with Kenya here.

Kenya’s thoughts on NeNe Leakes, “I think she’s a lot of what I thought she’d be. She’s a funny girl, a tough girl. She’s made some smart decisions in terms of her career. She’s a talented actress as well.” -I think there is a possibility NeNe and Kenya will have conflict throughout the season. Bravo’s trailers have given us a preview of that already, they are both very strong women and I can see them butting heads.

Kenya on Kandi Burruss, “She reminds me so much of myself. She’s got great business acumen. She’s responsible. She’s likable. She’s a smart woman. She’s a girl next door, like any girl I knew growing up in Detroit.” -Who doesn’t love Kandi? She’s extremely laid back and easy to get along with! I don’t foresee them having any problems.

Kenya’s thoughts on Cynthia Bailey, “It’s just interesting how that relationships evolves. The viewers, I think, will enjoy the drama.” -I think there is going to be a lot of drama between Cynthia and Kenya.

Kenya on Phaedra Parks, “You’ll have to watch the show.” -I think there is going to be a lot of drama here, because Bravo’s previews suggest Kenya has a crush on Phaedra’s husband, Apollo.

Kenya on Kim Zolciak, “You’ll see Kim. I’ve had scenes with Kim. I love her. She was a sweetheart, funny and vivacious. You’ll see her in the beginning episodes.” -Kim will have a limited appearance due to her pregnancy, but I can see Kim and Kenya getting along.

Kenya on Porsha Stewart, “There are women I initially clicked with and those I didn’t particularly care for. With that being said, you have to watch the show.” -I do not think these two will be friends. We’ve seen previews of them fighting before the show has even begun.

Tell Us- Who do you think will be getting along?

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2 Replies to “Kenya Moore Discusses Her Relationships With RHOA Ladies!”

  1. I think the previews are deceiving about Kenya and Nene fighting. Nene definitely threw some shade towards Kenya a few months ago on Wendy Williams, but the in the previews, you can piece together that it’s actually Kenya fighting with Porsha (and possibly Cynthia). Nene is doing her peacemaker thing. I’m sure Kenya and Nene have some tiffs, but it seems like the major dramz this season on Atlanta will be the ones below:

    1. Kim v. Nene: They seem peaceful this season, but they will definitely trash each other in the interviews.

    2. Kim v, Kandi/ Phaedra: It looks like the lunch with everyone where they tell Kim she doesn’t make time for them anymore is the same scene as when Kim pushes the cameras away. Could this be her exit scene?

    3. Kandi v. Nene: We don’t see it in the trailers, but they have subtly beefed for years and there were those rumors of a throwdown in Africa. Here’s hoping!

    4. Kandi v. Cynthia: Won’t be a major one since they do still get along, but we see Kandi telling Cynthia she isn’t there for her and they kind of got into at the reunion last season.

    5. Cynthia v. Kenya: This looks to be a major part of the beginning of the season, but it seems like they get along now.

    6. Phaedra v. Kenya: All that lusting after Apollo seems to have pissed Phaedra off. I bet they go at it at the reunion this season.

    7. Phaedra v. Porsha: They seem to get along now, but in the preview Phaedra tells Porsha she thinks she is bi-polar and drinks too much. Them’s fighting words!

    8. Kenya v. Porsha: Maybe the biggest beef of all! We’ve already seen 3 clips of them fighting, and already seen great quotes like ‘Gone with the wind fabulous”! Bravo choose the newbies well!

  2. I think kenya is basically a mean girl! She is dillusional not sure which was worse her comparing herself that she had contributed to history like abama or the fact that she got so bent out of shape because a girl who was in diapers when she won the miss usa or american. News flash alot of people don’t know she won a crown and although i think Porsha should know who she is introducing it really was a mistake that she apoligized for she really needs to get over herself

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