Kenya Moore Defends Kordell Stewart From Porsha’s Slandering Comments


Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to diss Porsha Stewart for slandering her estranged husband’s name, Kordell. Porsha, who is currently going through a divorce, has insinuated her husband was gay and called him a Queen on the show and Kenya is standing up for Kordell. Read what she has to say to Porsha below.

Kenya writes, “My heart goes out to anyone suffering a loss… be that physical, emotional, or financial, etc. I never want to see anyone suffer for any reason.  If my friend were going through a divorce, I would counsel her not to publicly bash her ex. Marriages do end, feelings do change, and people grow apart. Such is life. We are imperfect and unpredictable. When life happens and results in loss, pain can manifest itself as anger. However, when one repeatedly and relentlessly slanders their soon-to-be ex husband by consistently and purposely gay bashing and slandering them, that crosses a hard line. If one claims to have been a loving wife, a loving mother to their son in marriage, and to God, then that son must be protected from such propaganda for the sake of their well-being.

I hope this will stop and that she can be a bigger person and accept that the relationship is over and refrain from such embarrassing verbal attacks the way Kordell has never bashed her publicly. That is the mark of a good person. One must look to the greater good and that is the protection of the child.”

Photo Credit: Bravo