Kenya Moore Confronts Walter Jackson!

Walter Jackson & Kenya Moore

In this preview for the upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore confronts Walter Jackson about his non-proposal on the cast trip to Anguilla. Kenya explains to Walter, as they meet for lunch, that she thought they were on the same page when it came to their future. Kenya goes on to tell Walter how hurt she was at his response to Peter telling him he had only one day to propose. She tells Walter she didn’t feel like he takes any of this (their relationship) seriously.

Walter, looking very confused and shaking his head, tells Kenya that he felt blindsided by the whole situation in Anguilla. Kenya goes on to tell Walter that she can’t be his girlfriend, she’s a wife. Walter laughs, Kenya gets angry and the two start to argue. Watch below!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


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  1. She claims to be intelligent every chance she gets, yet she is so ignorant! She portrays herself as a female who twists every word to fit her meaning. Dreams of grandiosity. Then she tries to hold him to it. Yes Walter the question is what just happenend. Everyone can plainly see you are not into Kenya at all and never was. Good for you Walter! Run, never look back. The faster the better. You will never understand this disturbed female. Does her medication work? I doubt it. Kenya has deep psychological issues. I hope she never has children. She is just better off all alone, all by herself. She spreads illness, infects everyone in her path. Run!

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