Kenya Moore Confirms Pregnancy Rumors?


Kenya Moore is dishing about part one of the RHOA reunion and Phaedra Parks’ apology in a new interview with Bravo. She also addresses the pregnancy rumors and may have just confirmed her pregnancy? You decide. Do you accept Phaedra’s apology for her comments?
Kenya Moore:
I wiped the slate clean with Phaedra hoping to move on. Unfortunately, her heart is heavy with so much hatred and jealousy of me that she can’t move on. She insulted my looks and my skin on nearly every episode the entire season. When she insults the dark hue of my complexion, she is showing her self-hatred and ignorance. All black is beautiful. I’m proud to be dark skinned. Too bad she can’t separate her color complex and celebrate the natural differences among the entire black diaspora.

And why does she continue to try and insult me by stating I don’t have kids and a husband when her own felonious husband is in prison leaving her children fatherless? #JesusFixHer Can you say anything yet about the pregnancy rumors?
If I were pregnant it would be a high risk pregnancy due to my age. I feel more comfortable if and when my doctors feel I am in a safe stage to confirm a pregnancy. I appreciate all the amazing fans who are wishing me well. It feels good to know everyone is rooting for me and my happiness. Was Matt really texting about the puppies?
LOL! No… What did you think when Kim told you to “say something”?

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23 Replies to “Kenya Moore Confirms Pregnancy Rumors?”

    1. Not too old to conceive, but certainly past the age where it is considered safe. So many birth defects and health issues arise almost exponentially after the age of (36) I believe it is. And when I think of her being 60 when a child of hers would be just 15, well, I have a strong opinion about that. None of my business, but I can’t imagine having a 16 year old child right now! But then it wouldn’t be in the least bit surprising since she thinks only of herself and HER need to be a mother. No thoughts apparently, from her soundbites, about what having a baby at this time of life would mean for the CHILD. And this guy, Matt is it?, would she insist on being married or would that also fall by the wayside in importance? Not that it is necessary, but it isn’t some misplaced sense of propriety on my part. This kid, if there is one, would fare better with married parents. That is not to say, NEVER to say that kids from a single parent home would ever be, could ever be less than important, wonderful, smart gifts from God. Many geniuses come from all walks of life. I can’t say enough about children of any parent, great kids who are loved and give love, who make a spectacular addition to the world and make the world a better place for all of us to live in. I am speaking strictly in this situation where THIS child would be born, Keenya’s child. The kid would be bombarded with news flashes of his/her mom from the first time they were in a child’s type social arena. The life of a child from this union, or not this union, just her flipping thru, as Phaedra so brilliantly worded it, the book on sperm donors who need $10 for their next fix would have a less than stellar beginning. Again, IMO, any time we consider bringing a child into this world the CHILD should be given EVERY opportunity for the BEST life, not the worst chance of all.

  1. She really tried with that big word diaspora but giiirl come on. Diaspora is when people leave their home nations, it has nothing to do with the color of your skin. There have been jewish diasporas, Haitian diasporas, Dominican diasporas like lord when will she be stopped she is such an idiot.

  2. What a fool she is in every area of her sick world. When she referred to the dark skinned hues & referred to Phaedra’s heart being so heavy with hatred & jealously toward her, I could not help laughing at what a sick, delusional person she is. Gone with the wind fabulous she is not, what she is -is a mass of monsters inside of her & feels everyone sees life through her sick black heartedness. People, she should be confined as no society will accept her for any length of time.

  3. I think she is a “bad seed” and her mother sensed it and that’s why she wanted nothing to do with the evil person Kenya is.

  4. I’ve said this before and now it is even more true. God Help her if she is not pregnant and this is all for attention. Of course she is also leaving the door open if the pregnancy fails and no baby is produced, she can say that she miscarried. I hope to God that doesn’t happen if she is truly pregnant but I can’t fathom her being a mentally stable mother figure.

  5. I’ve said this before…I feel badly for Kenya. She has to have suffered a great deal of painful situations in her younger years to act as she does now. Arrogant, self-centered, aggressive, and even dishonest. I think she is a bit delusional at times, as well. I feel really sad for her. Having said all that, I do find it difficult to excuse her poor behaviour. No one is jealous of her…in fact, it was extremely obvious Kenya was very jealous of Kim Fields. Why, exactly, I cannot say, but Cynthia pitting the two against each other was just ridiculous. That had to have been for the cameras, it was such an obviously stupid thing to do. Cynthia is really wrapped up in herself but she had to have known no good would come of her challenging Kim and Kenya to fight for the role of creative director of the “mercial”…and why on earth was everyone referring to Cynthia’s commercial as the ‘mercial? Just drove me nuts!

  6. You know I don’t know why everything Kenya does you all talk about. But you all forgive everything Porsha and Phaedra says and does. It is as if they automatically gets a pass. It is obvious that Andy protects Phaedra he won’t let any of them say anything about the ongoing lawsuit Angela Staton has against Phaedra in which Phaedra constantly postpone. That chick gets a pass she laid up with a felon who she gets pregnant for and then marries and you see where he ends up.
    Porsha was saying horrible things about Kenya then she pulls her hair and she falls to the floor. But Kenya was at fault. They all lie.

    1. Caddie I don’t think either Porsha or Phaedra get a pass, Porsha is nuts and Phaedra is fake also something very weird with Phaedra. I just dislike Kenya even more.

        1. I agree with you Suse. Porsha is a spoiled child who acts like teeny bopper. I must confess I loved it when she pulled down Kenya because Kenya did deserve it. And the way that witch treated Kim Fields this season took away any sympathy I might have had for her for not having a mother.

  7. Keenya is an empty person trying desperately to fill herself with strength by pointing the finger at ANYONE simply trying to converse with her. She is ugly and everything that comes from her is ugly. Phaedra may be a lot of things, but jealous of Keenya isn’t one of them. Phaedra has a husband, and whatever anyone has to say about his prison term, she loved Apollo and they have 2 beautiful, smart, darling, well spoken boys. If anyone is jealous, it’s Keenya. She is so jealous of anyone who has been married, it eats her up inside like poison, especially if they have children, she just can’t stand it. I would feel sympathy for her if every single thing she did wasn’t ugly. She talks of Kim being dismissive and acting above while she sits with that ugly, dismissive look rolling her eyes every time a question is posed to Kim. That PROVES how much less of a woman she is than Kim. Kim has a more than respectable career in the industry. Keenya has an old worn out title from when? I still don’t know or care what it was, USA or America. She uses that ridiculous sash ( she probably has that and her crown and bouquet sealed in a air tight glass box ) displayed in her home. She brings up that one moment in time as though it was a life long accomplishment. Maybe that is why she is just agonizingly and hideously jealous of anyone who has a family. Apparently she feels she must fall short (yes Keenya, you DO fall short ) of being enough of a woman to have been asked by any man to marry him. Why she believes this hateful, ugly, crass persona would attract anyone, friend or husband alike, is beyond me.
    Saying Kim Fields is pompous while sitting there being pompous is so predictable of her. That scene where she pulls the chair out, clapping and insulting Kim with degrading remarks as Kim walks away, wow, girl, if that had been me!‼️ Oh, she would have had an entirely new lesson on pushing someone too far. When she used that scepter and bullhorn at reunion after Porsha asked her several times to put it down is the perfect representation of a coward. She pushes and pushes until someone snaps and then sits back and tries to make herself look completely innocent. When everyone at that reunion went to comfort Porsha and not one person went with Keenya, that said it all girl.
    Keenya isn’t even good TV. I know many fans like the fact that there almost needs to be a common enemy, and I kind of see that point. I easily zip any segment with her during the episodes, but at reunion it is not possible to zip her because she butts in and yaps the ENTIRE time, no matter who a question has been directed to or whatever the subject. Talk about the arrogance she accuses of Kim of having. I hope she reads blogs, maybe she will take her highly paid ugly “boyfriend” and stay home at Moore Manor. ( May it get flooded and float away! )

    1. Another thought about her actions towards Kim. Kim is a great mother, putting her kids first. Was Kenyas misdirected anger because subliminally she was lashing out at her own mother?

  8. I just wonder if the reason Kenya is as horrible to others as she is, is because she “tests” them. Her mother abandoned her. No child should be made to feel abandoned. She didn’t ask to be born. Someone earlier wrote that it was no wonder her mother left her because she was a heinous child (can’t remember the exact words or who posted). That comment makes me sad. As an adult carrying around a lot of hurt and resentment from childhood, she does things that we as normal people consider horrible. I just wonder if she does these things to test people. The meaner she acts, if they still hang around then she thinks maybe they truly do like her. When Cynthia reduced their friendship to “just getting to know each other”, I think that was another adamndoment from someone close. Anyway, just my thoughts. 🙂

    1. I called her a bad seed. I am not a psychiatrist and don’t pretend to be but I feel that she really and truly needs intense psychiatric help. She is 45 years old and should know by now that acting like a jealous teenager gets you the wrong kind of attention. If she does get pregnant I hope she gets that help before she projects her feelings on a helpless child.

      1. I agree, she does need intense psychiatric help. I’ve seen people on this blog say that as an insult — but I know you’re coming from a good place. And I also agree 1000% that she needs if BEFORE she has a child of her own.

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