Kenya Moore Clears Up Rumors She Has Feelings For Phaedra’s Husband!

The newest addition to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, is dishing out details on her first season of the show! She clears up rumors that have already been circling the internet, before the show has even aired! A feud with Cynthia Bailey? A crush on Phaedra’s husband? Read what Kenya had to say below!

Kenya tells The Huffington Post, “I’m happy that I did choose to do this show. For me, it represented a big change in my life, and an amazing opportunity to grow my brand, experience something I’ve never done before, and to hopefully change my life. So I’m happy so far,” Kenya said. “But I haven’t seen any episodes yet,” she laughed.

Viewers have seen a sneak peek of what looks like Kenya will have drama with Cynthia Bailey, she addresses this by saying, “Well, you know, we bump some heads. Early on, you’re in a new environment, you’re around new ladies and you bring your own personality to the table, and you just kind of never know who you’re gonna get along with and who you’re going to bump heads with. I think it’s sort of clear from the first episode that Cynthia and I don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye when we meet.”

Kenya reveals she didn’t know any of the ladies in the group. “I don’t know if you want to consider Lawrence a “Housewife” … I’m sure he would love to hear that he’s a “Housewife,” but he isn’t!” Kenya laughs, “But I’ve been friends with Lawrence for over eight years, and he’s actually one of my best friends. I was his first celebrity client, and we just forged a friendship and became very close. So Lawrence was my connection, but I’d also met Kandi before and had met Sheree before, but obviously she’s not a part of this season. But I did not really know any of the other girls at all.”

Maggie from The Huffington Post, made the mistake of calling Kenya, “The New Sheree,” and Kenya didn’t want any part of that, saying, “Oh honey, you can’t compare me to anybody else! Uh-uh … we’re not gonna have that.”

As for the rumors Kenya is crushing on Phaedra’s husband, Apollo? “Oh god! First of all, drama just kind of revolves around me because I’m almost always the center of attention.” Kenya explains. “It just happens. But no, there’s no drama around me and anyone’s man. I’ll say that … but you’ll have to watch to see where those rumors are coming from.”

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