Kenya Moore Clears Up One-Eyed African Man Rumors

During this year’s RHOA season ten reunion, Kenya Moore was accused of having a one-eyed African man who was paying her bills and buying her extravagant gifts.

However, in her blog, Moore is speaking out about this rumor. She says, “THERE IS NO ONE-EYED AFRICAN! I don’t know of, have never met, or ever dated any man with one damn eye! Porsha admitted she randomly read this online along with other slanderous lies about me. She’s accused me of a lot of horrible things I won’t repeat — the history of our first confrontation started with a lie she told about me trying to pay someone!

I’m self-made. I’ve never needed a man to pay my bills or buy me things. With that said, I’m really hoping that Porsha and I can work on a real friendship and move on from the hurtful lies and our contemptuous past.”


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