Kenya Moore Clears Up Fake Relationship & Gay Rumors Regarding Walter Jackson!

Kenya Moore

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Sunday night, and not only did she perform her new single, ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous,’ she set the record straight about Walter Jackson’s radio interview where he claimed his relationship with Kenya was fake and set-up for the Bravo cameras.

Andy said that questions about Kenya and Walter’s relationship was the MOST asked question by viewers for Kenya’s appearance on the show. Kenya reacts to the numerous questions by saying, “The truth is, Walter and I were absolutely in a relationship, so that’s a lie, I don’t lie.” Kenya continues, “You can’t hide genuine feelings. I obviously am a person, when you watch me, who wants to be married, who wants to have a serious relationship, and who wants kids.” Kenya asks, “Why waste my time asking somebody to play a role that I’m desperately seeking? He made me look like a fool!”

Andy asks Kenya what she thinks Walter’s motive would be for coming out with the information he did. Kenya answers, “He said that I said some things about his sexuality. We had a conversation in Anguilla, a lot of things came out, things about Walter that I didn’t know, and from that point on it was never the same. He started off seeming like he wanted a wife, he encouraged me to move [to Atlanta], I’m not crazy. After Anguilla and as time went on things went downhill.” In answer to Andy’s question, Kenya says, “He said those things to be manipulative, deceitful, hurtful, and to jeopardize my position on the show.”

Watch the full video of Kenya’s response below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Kenya Moore Clears Up Fake Relationship & Gay Rumors Regarding Walter Jackson!”

  1. I like Kenya. I think that she is very genuine and is not a pushover. Most African American men are intimidated by women like her. She should date outside her race.

  2. I do NOT believe Kenya or Andy – Andy Cohen is NOT going to ever admit, or allow a HE to admit, to all the fake crap regarding his HW’s. I do believe Walter, why would he make this up. I listened to his interview twice and I believe he was duped by Kenya and Bravo. Is he gay? I don’t believe he is and if she continues her slanderous remarks against him, I would hope he could sue her – but – as we all know, employees of Bravo can’t sue each other. Poor guy. I DO believe Kenya is crazy, is broke, is desperate to find a husband to secure her a financial situation and adore her 24/7. It is very telling she has never been married – I just think this woman is extremely dillusional about herself. She is CRAZY!

  3. Kenya is full of shit. She is a better actress than I thought. I believe Walter, it all makes since why he could care less when she kept flirting with other men and there was no chemistry or connection between them at all. You can clearly see in the show Walter was very thrown off by all the marriage and baby talk. They never even showed them give each other a real kiss on the show, all you would see was a dry hug and a kiss on the cheek like you would do a friend. BTW Miss Kenya, you can fake emotions, actresses do it everyday, its called good acting.

    1. Kenya is a very mentally ill woman. She is not surrounded by iron to sharpen her, this includes her sad aunt. Kenya is a narcassist, jealous, disrespectful, lying deceitful and wickedly promiscuous woman, like most women in reality TV, other. No one in entertainment represents sex appeal w/ class and morale.May the true living God help Kenya and others like her before she completely self destruct.

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