Kenya Moore Claims Phaedra’s Husband Apollo Texts Her In RHOA Reunion Preview!


In this first preview for the Season 5 Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion we see the women on FIRE. As Bravo describes it, voices are raised, shade is thrown, and insults are hurled! The main shocker? Kenya’s claims that Phaedra’s husband, Apollo, has been texting her behind Phaedra’s back. Apollo denies these accusations and says Kenya has been trying to get with him from day one.

The preview shows Kenya saying, “I’m not the one who had sex with a convicted felon.” We assume she’s talking about Phaedra, because next, the preview shows Apollo answering a question about Kenya, saying, “I don’t really care for her,” and Kenya, who has her phone out while scrolling through text messages, drops a bomb telling Apollo, “Maybe you should stop texting me then!”

Apollo tells Kenya, “You’ve been trying to get with me! Saying ‘I will do to you what you’re wife…'” Arguing begins and all we can say is it looks like this Reunion is going to be a good one…

“That’s why I called her a whore,” Phaedra says of Kenya.

Watch the shocking preview below!

Do YOU believe Apollo was texting Kenya?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


39 Replies to “Kenya Moore Claims Phaedra’s Husband Apollo Texts Her In RHOA Reunion Preview!”

  1. Time for NeNe to retire calling Kim “Wig” because NeNe has always worn fake hair. Fact is NeNe wears a wig, called a unit, that is glued on to her head. They all wear fake hair. Reunion looks hot. Like it or not Kenya will be on that show for a while because she brings the drama.

  2. Time for NeNe to retire calling Kim “Wig” because NeNe has always worn fake hair. Fact is she wears a wig, called a unit, that is glued on to her head. They all wear fake hair. Reunion looks hot. Like it or not Kenya will be on that show for a while because she brings the drama.

  3. Kenya is an example of everything wrong with us as black women who believe they’ve made it. She’s sad hence all sporadic tears.

  4. Kenya Moore is by far, the best new addition to RHOA. Seems like she brought shade, comebacks, and revelations in abundance. I also like that she chose a color to wear that makes her the focal point in the group shot and is stunning and romantic, given the setting of the reunion.

  5. I want to think Apollo has more sence than that,but he is a man lol. But I do believe he knows who butters his bread and would not mess up that so easy. I am not saying he would not do it just not with someone how HATES his wife and would use it as amo. But I would not put nothing past Kenya maybe her and Kordell will start dateing LOL

  6. I believe Apollo. He’s well aware Kenya is mentally unstable and the last person you could expect to be discreet about “extramarital” tweets. In fact, if Apollo had tweeted her first, I’m sure she would immediately start blabbing about it in order to cause Phaedra as much pain and humiliation as possible.

  7. This show has become so SAD………. who text whom…SAD. You ladies should be a shame of your morals and values that you have comparsie for TV. Porshoa brought class and style but she’s too boring for Bravo SAD. A man will be a man but Apollo is not stupid.

  8. i dislike kenya she is fake and causes to much drama with everybody. at this point i believe apollo. he wouldnt try to get with some one his wife and he himself HATES

  9. Phaedra and Porsha are is fake. Kenya treats people how they treat her, foney. Apollo was trying to holla but being locked up so long he hasn’t learned to not text from your own phone. Porsha tried to play the innocent role and bust jokes about Walter and now she is a joke.

  10. Kenya has the last laugh as we will see. Apollo is just a man. Phaedra is FAF ( fake as f**ck) Portia is a ninny. Vindictive twat. Karma came to get her and hopefully she will learn that she is no longer a little girl. Grow up already. At least Kenya keeps it real listens to advice, apologizes and learns from her mistakes. She will be a great mom one day soon I hope

  11. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee KENYA!!!!!!! She is kind when you meet her and KIND until you come for her. Yes,she was over the top flirting with Apollo. BUt she is smart,a business woman. SHe had every right to kick Porsha out. Nene was being a hypocrite not letting them in her house. TEAM KENYA!!!!!!!!

  12. I think that Kenya probably was telling the truth about her and Apollo texting each other. He flirted with her in Phaedra face so why wouldn’t he text behind her back. Porsha is a pretty woman but a dummy.she is an airhead no brains at all. Ofcourse she would be with kordell she don’t have brain to think for herself. Kandi and cynthia is cool don’t really have a issue with them. Nene is straight forward and I like that but she was being a hypocrite when s.he didn’t let the girls in the house when they drove all the way over there but then want to jump on kenya

  13. I like Kenya she is real, you get what you see, and she doesn’t hold back. but she will apologize when she knows shes been wrong, i’m so sick of porsha always whining to kordell about her cast members, but porsha pay backs a bitch girl when you laugh and taunt kenya about walter. Kordell filed divorce without even telling her. As for Phaedra she needs to stop bashing Kenya and worry about why her husband is text messaging Kenya. Worry about whats going on in your own marriage before you taunt others

  14. At the beginning of the show, Kenya boasted about being proposed to 6 different times. I Wonder if she ran them down the way she ran Walter down. Thank goodness they were all lucky enough to escape. She is the one that wanted to have a threesome with Apollo and Phaedra had to shut that conversation down. Really now. Kendra has made a complete ass out of herself on this show and she continues by running around and trying to get back at every body else who have written her off as crazy and don’t give a damn about a crazy woman.

  15. If Apollo texted Kenya she would have told every cast mate on the show…Kenya has evil intentions…that’s why she’s 40+, single and childless….I wouldn’t trust her as a friend or around my man!

  16. This woman Kenya wants to cause as much hurt as she can for those women around her. She is mentally ill and Apollo wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. I don’t think she should stay on the show. I like to watch the women, but not an evil person like Kenya. She is sickening.

  17. I love Kenya Moore! She’s beautiful and entertaining.
    Yes, I think Apollo has been texting her and Phaedra knows it!
    Apollo has a crush on Kenya, just like Nene had the hots for Peter!
    It happens !

  18. I believe it. Apollo is desperate. He even said he’s desperate to get back to his old life. He was jumping in the pool HOLDING Kenya and it’s obvious he finds her hot. But he’s a jailbird and he’s stuck with Phaedra. Is he stupid enough to text Kenya? Of course. Men do stupid things when they feel trapped.

  19. I’ve Been watching the show every since it aired & I must say Out of all the drama & extra things I’ve seen….lol but the Kenya chik has to b the kraziest lady I’ve seen on this show!! Mayb this wat she wants to get bck on top but Cynthia had to b the most 2face chik by far she doesn’t kno wat side of the fence she wants to b on I kno she’s smart enuff to kno no everyone is going to lyke her I would like to jus see her b her without backup from rude boi…my favs man hands down khandi & NeNe

  20. Kenya is crazy, she threatened phadra on national tv. Come on bravo
    This is a bit to much,nene threatened kim and kim refused to
    work with nene. Let’s get back to the,style and class.

  21. Phaedra is a fony shady supposed to be Christian Lawyer and Porsha did all that lashng out and making fun of Kenya”s relationship with Walter now who gets the last laugh! Bwahhhhha! See she got what she deserved! you cant make fun of other people you never know when it will be YOU! Now look she talking about how to get a husband! Well hers didnt want to stay so be careful what you say or do to people! KARMA IS A BI..H! LOL!

  22. I like Kenya because she dont take no stuff from the other phony gals on the shows because that’s what they act like, not grown women! She keep it real and the realest besides NeNe on the show! She need to defend herself but with Porsha, there is no need because thats like arguing with a child! Good luck Kenya! (;

  23. Everyone has made some good points. However, I believe Apollo. I believe Kenya feels she can throw shade at Apollo and no one will believe him because he’s a convicted felon. I also believe if Apollo was texting Kenya, she would have thrown that at Phadera way before now. Keep in mind when Kenya first appeared on the show she made mention about how fine Apollo was. I also feel she has set out to ruin his marriage in hopes they would get together. Since Apollo did not fall for her shanagins she’s doing everything possible to make him and his wife look bad!

    Even though Kenya has a pretty face and a nice body she has to remember everybody doesn’t want her….Reality check….like Walter!

    She needs to grow up. Hell they all need to grow.

  24. This is very sad. I use to like kenya until this show. She has shown me that she is very desperate, lonely, unoriginal person that is out there. Everything is fake about her and the truth has finally came out. Of course walter was not into to her, she is a very needy person and desperate for attention. Everyone knows that she was flirting with Apollo and that is even worse because she is portraying herself as low class. Only a low class, low self-esteem, and desperate person will do something like that. Even though Apollo is also in the wrong because i knew he caught her drift, but Phaedra should have smacked both of them. Kenya is not right and have not been right. What happen to all of the things she wanted to do in her life as she expressed in her interview when becoming miss usa. Thats another thing your mad about a fucking title. I was only 1 years old when she was crowned but its not like he became president. Along with that, she never did speak of the first black woman to become miss usa, and thats weird just as Porsha said. Lastly, kenya moore speaks on young women and wearing proper clothing to a casting, but look at the photos she take. Most of her photos are worse then what any of those young girls. Like she said, ” she was pulled to the side by a judge,” meaning that he did not blast her out in the open like she did. If she wants to help someone then she needs to get help first. Where is the old kenya?

  25. Keyna, is full of it. Im sure shes broke, she was trying to marry for $. But shes the one thats going to have viewers watching!!! They should bring Kim back and thats going to be best episodeyet! Nene coulndt stand her at first, very similar to Keyna but she learned and now shes my favorite!!

  26. Kenya is a very sick woman and it would be improper for Bravo to continue to profit from her obvious illness and inspire a whole generation of impressionable, young black women to think her immoral behavior is “okay” to emulate. Kenya needs to go way and find a real life, a real man (her own, not someone else’s) and really think about the “legacy” she’s creating. I feel sad for kenya she is the epitome of aging & bitter. I really hope she finds peace someday. Just not on this show!

  27. For the ppl who are hating on Kenya is so obvious you’re living through Phaedra’s donkey body and Kandi’s desperate sex toy line. It’s amazing you would down Kenya but silent when it come to Phaedra’s fonky “Southern-Belle-Trash-Act” or Cynthia’s husband, Peter’s, uncontrollable attraction to Kenya. He sounded/looked like he wanted to tied Kenya up and lick her glow, I mean who wouldnt. Or how about Kirmet-The-Frog-Apollo’s sneaky obsession with Kenya. Everything aims at Kenya being the most attractive woman on the show. You people say zero about the other’s because you are the same characters, and on the same level of attractiveness. It’s crazy, I believe people cant take a beautiful black woman with a warm brown tone to know her worth. Because what are the others that Kenya is not or doesnt exceed in???? Why didn’t any of you care to mention Kandi-the-frog’s desperate attempt at marriage? She tries her best to cover up that she’s an less attractive, non-talented, jealous wannabe. This is the same “woman’ that painted her pre-teenage daughter’s room to be a red and black boom-boom room. To be honest it looked like a private booth @Magic City. She is trash. Noone cared to mention that but if Kenya did this, by the way would never it happen, someone would have called child services. Kandi is a hater also, no one cares to mention it because she is just as hideous as the rest, Kandi plays the two-faced role of I’m the good one here. NOT!!! She wishes she sang like Beyonce and looked like Kenya. I can see through bullshyt, this show cant handle being on set and compared to the best! Give credit where its due. Nene wants to mother all of a sudden, women who have whored and slept with married men like to play the role of mother Teresa. But no one cares to mention the fact that stripper/escort Nene had a two-year relationship with a married w/four kids and a dog, Greg ; and that Greg’s wife/suga-mama kicked his ass out. At-the-time-broke-Greg moved into side-piece-Nene’s studio apartment. Kenya is by far the best cast member they’ve ever had. The drama keeps the ratings up. But Kenya’s makes things so very attractive to watch and listen to.

  28. Yea, I believe he was texting her. He probably got tired of his funnny looking wife nd all the shade that she throws at everybody on tha show. She is desperate 2 get pregnant by a ex con, nd not even use protection. She alwayz callin Kenya a drunk nd a who’re. She didn’t just jump up nd have sex with funny lookin gay Walter like phaedrabdid with so. She ND 2 stop hatin on Kenya nd so does that porsha who is challenged when it comes 2 common sense. She doesn’t even kno w how many faux r in a yr. How stupid is she?

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