Kenya Moore Claims Kim Fields’ Husband Is Gay


On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta the drama continued while the ladies vacationed in Jamaica. We picked up where we left off with the fallout of the BFF debate between Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore.

“I never denied my friendship with Kenya,” Cynthia explained. “All I said was, ‘We are not best friends’ — because we are not best friends!” Her tone quickly softened, though, as she started to cry. “I think last night it was clear that I’m excited that NeNe’s back in my life and if anything should have been taken from it, that’s what should have been taken.”

Bailey continued, “I want to be good friends with everybody. We all have our different friendships. It’s never going to be what it is with me and NeNe.”

Meanwhile, Kenya talked to her boyfriend Matt about the situation. “At the end of the day, I have only tried to build Cynthia up and NeNe has only tried to tear her down.” In her interview, she added,  “I’m devastated because I never thought that she would not claim our friendship. It just doesn’t seem like she cares about me at all.”

While NeNe was able to get Kenya and Cynthia to mend things, the men were having a hard time getting to know Kenya’s boyfriend Matt, who revealed he was only 28 years-old.

“I don’t know if it’s because he’s with crazy a– Kenya,” Peter Thomas said, adding that Matt was being “standoffish.” When Kenya’s man heard Thomas running his mouth, he got fired up. “We got to fix you up. All that hardcore s—, you got to slow down with that because right now you’re going too hard.”

Matt suggested he and Peter “take a walk.” Peter said, “You can walk like your girl walked!” Matt got up and left.

Meanwhile, the gossip was flowing among the women about Kim Fields’ husband Chris. Especially from Kenya Moore’s mouth who seemed to be still holding a grudge about Cynthia’s commercial.

“I know y’all have heard the rumors,” Kenya said. “They call him Christie! I have been in Hollywood for 20 years. I worked with her when she was on Living Single, honey, and I’m not talking about Three’s Company.”

NeNe noted that Chris had told her he was a “Broadway actor.”

Sheree didn’t like where Kenya’s conversation was going. Although he didn’t say anything, she later told the cameras, “I don’t think it’s right for us to talk about Kim or her husband and she’s not here to defend him. If he wants to be with boys on weekends and come back during the week and be a family man, then that is his business.”

Cynthia shot her eyewear commercial and everything was a success until the wrap party when Sheree decided to fill Kim in on what the ladies said about her man.

“Last night you didn’t make it out to the pool. There were some things said about your husband that were not very flattering,” she said. “I like to keep it real and tell the truth. I just want to let you know that some of the things that were said last night were about your husband being fruity or gay.”

What were your thoughts on this episode?

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69 Replies to “Kenya Moore Claims Kim Fields’ Husband Is Gay”

  1. Well I don’t watch ATL because of Kenya but she really has it in for Kim. Nasty piece of work she is! What business is it of hers if Kims husband is Bi? Nothing wrong with it if he is. He obviously isn’t gay or they wouldn’t have two sons together! Difficult for me to comment too much as I don’t watch but just the occasional story gets to me. Why is she such a jealous bitch? Just because she can’t keep a man and has to rent one! Can we not start a campaign to get Kenya off ATL?

    1. Frankly I don’t believe for one second that Chris is gay or bi-sexual, I don’t see it. I think Kim Fields has a loving, supportive, God-fearing husband with a tight-knight family unit, and because these women don’t recognize these characteristics in a mate or a family it appears strange to them; therefore enter Kenya, whose envy is greener than the eyes in her own head, and you have fertile ground for poisonous seeds to be planted in hopes to put a crack in Fields’ foundation. It is vile and transparent. Before this show, I have NEVER heard anyone say any such thing about Chris: it’s all made up nonsense, imo. Given the digital age that we live in, everyone in America trying to make a fast buck and get their 15 minutes by any means necessary, AND the fact that Kim and her husband are so deeply entrenched into the Christian music scene, if he were up to anything someone would have stepped forward with “receipts” by now. Black American digital tabloids are particularly brutal, and notorious for courting bottom feeders with stories to tell and nothing to lose. Kenya’s rumors have no credibility anywhere except in her own jealous, warped mind.

      1. Oh! I’m so glad you have said this! I don’t watch so would have no way of knowing but Kenya is evil! I don’t think that’s too harsh a word for her! She cannot bear anyone else to be happy! If she goes I will watch again but not until! Kim is so far above any of these women maybe get rid of a few of them, keep Kim and bring some more newbies on! Some with a little class at least! Xo

        1. Kim’s real personality is starting to be able to come out now that she is comfortable. There was a funny scene on the bus where she changes an uncomfortable mood when Cynthia started crying. That was actually telling and I have a tiny bit of resect for Cynthia now. Watching the ‘mercial being shot is more telling though for Kim. Pure professionalism. I have to watch the end today tho, because I fell asleep. The trailer shows Kenya being her usual crass self.

          1. I don’t watch the show, but I saw the snippets of that scene. While Kenya started that ‘he’s gay’ attack, non of the others really shut her down! They all just giggled and laughed and went along with it. So why is she the villain and the rest of them innocent ?? They’re all atrocious trashy obnoxious women

      2. OOmg!! I couldn’t have said it any better. This was the envy of kenya talking more than anything. Hollywood for 20 years? Puhlease….

      3. Kenya said that the talk about Chris has been around since Kim was on the set of Livening Single. When Kim was on the show she was married to someone else. Kim didn’t marry Chris until 11 years after Living Single wrapped up. Lies Kenya.

    2. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about if you believe that a man cannot be gay and father children. This ain’t the 1950s

      1. However if a person is gay, they should at least be given the courtesy of telling people when and if they chose to. He obviously says he is not gay by marrying a woman which doesn’t always mean Heterosexual but for the most part.

      2. I probably know a lot more than you. Most gay men I know (other than the turkey baster) won’t settle down and live with a woman as you say it’s not the 1950’s and they can have their own relationships also kids without marrying or living with women!

        1. Of course I might not know more than you as you may well be gay yourself! But on saying that because of a family member I do know that no one I know will only be with same sex partners.

          1. That sounds wrong! Gay men and women I know will only be with same sex partners! As this is 2016 and no one cares!

              1. Leave it to you RSandy to find this information. I remember reading this a long time ago but had no idea where to look. It happened when I was still working and there was a rumor about a new sales manager.

                1. Honestly, I found out about it years ago while watching an episode of Law and Order SVU. It was eye opening. Diferent cultures have different views and religion plays a part too, of course. Of course we can never generalize about anyone.

    1. What has gotten into Kenya? I have never seen her this bad. Sure, Cynthia betrayed her when Nene returned but she started acting up when Kim came on board. I hate seeing her like this. Use to love her. Ya betta change, gurl.

  2. This is jealously hate induced asswipe Krazy Kenya trying to take Kim down, I don’t believe anything that comes out of her garbage mouth.

  3. Kenya thinks that any guy that doesn’t want to get in her pants is gay. She is a pathetic loser and so jealous of Kim and her REAL success. All of Kenya’s accomplishments are in her distorted mind.

  4. I am willing to forgive and semi-forget a lot of these desperadoes like the Kenyas of the world because of their rough start in life you know ? but stealing a cell phone (V. Foxs’ on Celebrity Apprentice, and um yes. She did.) is just plain ratsville. I can’t give a blatant cheater any extra passes. I’m sorry very very sad for her and sorry about her biological mother issues and the rejection, but there are worse offenses (hard to believe) and other broken hearted people don’t turn out ethically corrupt. Her need to win at any cost is so shameful and that makes her ugly on the inside. I wish she’d get some serious counseling. And ditch her aunt and cousin. They can’t help her and never could, it’s a total conflict of interest. In my gut there has to be way more to that family story by the way that maybe we just don’t know about. There’s always been some story or circumstance linked to Kenya that just doesn’t make sense. She’s one deceptive little wiley coyote. She just can’t be trusted sadly.

    1. Miss Moneypenny, I think you are spot on with this!
      Two other points,
      1. I have stolen your cup of coffee as it fits me more than anything!
      2. I hope you don’t mind I think you are more like a sexy Miss Moneypenny rather than Miss Bond!

      1. Lol o my goodness sexy now you say. Oh ok I’ll take it then at my age lol thankyou ! That coffee cup is yours ⭕️❌

  5. Kenya’s jealously was so blatant & it’s downright ugly & evil. Her face had a darker hue by the chin, why? That has nothing to do with her mean spirit, but I just wondered. Her behavior last night about her friendship with Cynthia—to Cynthia, would make me run from such a demented mind set. Then, the dirty gossip she spread about Kim’s husband shows her evil heart, mind & soul. She stinks!!!

  6. I stopped watching because of Kenya, she is just evil. She has such jealousy for the other women. She is truly unhappy with herself. Still hard to believe she was ever Miss USA.

  7. So Kenya’s tactic to get back at someone is to call her husband gay. Really heifer? I didn’t like her before, but this homophobic hateful behavior was beyond the pale. I really didn’t appreciate Nene and Porsha playing along either.

      1. Damn, I fell asleep about then I guess. I was SO hoping Nene had grown. She seemed almost gracious!!! when she went into speak to Keenya. The entire thing reeks of shameful bigotry. There aren’t enough words, or ones I write here anymore, to express how obscene I think Keenya is.

        1. Nene saying he’s a ‘Broadway actor’ is code for gay???– and porchas facial expression during her talking ones??? These women pretend to be friends with gay men and yet they’re so atrocious and bigoted. Gay shaming is a cheap shot

    1. Yeah Nene threw in the “Broadway actor” comment as if that automatically confirms gayness. If that were true then Nene’s 15 minutes of Broadway or off-off Broadway fame must be confirming her gayness per her logic. Kenya is desperate & insanely jealous of Kim’s everything including the Tootie thing but especially of her family & professional life. I see zero chemistry between Matt & Kenya. She is old enough to be his mother and I think he is thirsty for some fame and a vacay.

      1. Oh I completely agree about Kenya! I’m just saying let’s not pretend it was ONLY her. People seem to defend their favorites, but all the women (except Sheree) participated in this atrocious conversation

  8. Kenya is disgusting. I rarely watch this anymore because of her. Why don’t these women call her out on her horrid behavior????? Who cares if he is gay, what business of hers is it ?? What jealous TOXIC person.

  9. I am sad that Sheree had to bring this up at the wrap party where everyone (except Kemya) was having such a good time – bringing up that piece of gossip surely spoiled it for Kim. I truly despise Kenya – yes she is an evil jealous witch.

  10. I feel all of the housewives shows are so far off track from what they used to be. Now they are all about negativity and drama and throwing eachother under the busses and talking behind everyone’s back but yet stupid enough not knowing it will get back around to them eventually because it’s being filmed!!! It not fun to watch anymore.

    1. Amy, I totally agree, I can’t watch ATL now at all and am even getting fed up with BH. Let’s hope Dallas is better!

  11. First, Kenya’s comment about being “in Hollywood for 20 years” – no – it’s more like she was in Hollywood 20 years ago! Kenya is a nobody – whose dying to be somebody – but her true colors can’t help but come out every time she opens her mouth – and since she can’t act worth a sh-t (we saw her acting and producing abilities first hand when we watched her pilot) she’s unable to hide her evil ugly self – which has blown any possible chance for her to move forward with any type of career beyond a raunchy type reality show – which only hires washed up wannabes with despicable behavior!!!!
    If Kenya believes her behavior is acceptable – and it’s only causing drama – which Bravo expects from them to keep a job – I hate inform Kenya but her behavior isn’t just drama – that type of behavior is nasty – it’s not acceptable – and ANYONE with any integrity or class would never behave in such a fashion as Kenya does on a regular basis! I’m also pretty sure that Bravo does not require anyone to be cruel and ghetto! If Kenya’s type of behavior is what’s needed to keep a job on this show – then how come no one else acts like that – but they still keep a job? No Kenya – this is the REAL YOU – since you can’t act – therefore you can’t even pretend to be decent – I hate the fact that your mother doesn’t want anything to do with you – I can’t see any mother not wanting to be around their child – no matter what has happened – but knowing you Kenya – I do believe there’s more to this story about your mother – I guarantee you play a huge part in your mother not wanting to be around you! We know for a fact that Kenya ALWAYS makes excuses – it’s never intentional – when clearly we know that it is – Kenya is a hibitual liar! If it benefits her – she’ll do it – no matter what it is – or who gets hurt!!!
    I keep praying for Bravo to kick her ass to the curb like the other trashy “housewife” – Brandi (how can someone be a housewife that’s never been married?) I can’t believe Bravo would allow someone that bullies and attacks almost everyone’s character – slander – why is Bravo ok with this behavior? Drama yes – encouraging bulling and trying to destroy someone’s character – now that’s definitely uncalled for!

      1. I never liked Kenya, but I don’t think there is a good enough reason for her mother to never want a part of her own flesh and blood daughter. I suspect maybe Kenya was a product of rape or incest or something very traumatic, and her mother relives it when she sees her, but when I see her father, I don’t see that being true. Her mother must suffer from some mental illness or something to not want to know her. Whatever her reasons, I would never ever blame the child for her mother’s rejection of her. I can only imagine what it is like for a child to grow up wondering what was wrong with herself that her own mother rejected her, and even as an adult, never having all the answers. I feel sorry for Kenya for that and do not blame her. I still do not like Kenya, yet she did do well considering her mother’s rejection of her.

        1. I seem to remember Kenya mentioning that her mother had mental health issues. Maybe on season 1. That could explain some of Kenya’s behavior, since she may have a hereditary predisposition to mental health issues. How can she be her age & not be diagnosed though? I feel for her- would never be around her, but feel for her.

  12. Not that its right but Kenya repeated a rumour and in her interview , Porsha seemed to agree with it.
    Its not right to gossip but whats worse is not saying anything when people are and then announce it to the person or spouse of who is being gossiped about , in front of eveyone.
    Sheree and Cynthia who found it disgusting should have said something right then and there. Telling Kim in front of everyone was tacky and I’m sure Kim has heard these rumours before and deals with it on her terms.
    All the ladies were at fault , one way or another.

  13. Kenia is a washed-up, has-been “actress” who can´t find a story line…her trip back to her ghetto in Michigan tanked, her pilot tanked, the African prince was a sham story, her hair-care line did not take off, the boyfriend she had ended up being married and dumped her, the first boyfriend, Walter also dumped her, the shack she want to turn into a manor is still in shambles…she will say anything to be noticed.

    Kenia is becoming the new NeNe

  14. Why is Kenya getting criticised as if she were the only one who partook in the “conversation”? I am surprised that Nene made the comments she made with her gay fan base.

      1. Thanks Sally. I couldn’t help myself when I saw the peace sign, I hope you don’t mind. A bunch of them show, even the telephone.☎️Not the rose though, which was the one I wanted to use. I was able to use an old fashioned ℨ☂ too. There is a set of flags and I am trying to search for a Scottish one. They are hard to identify as the indicator window is iffy at best.

  15. Kenya being herself. Housewives shows are not good at all anymore. I loved ATL before Kenya. She replaced Kim but took it to the dark side. Kim liked to be vulgar and fight. She did have other things to do in her life besides the show though. Kenya is bored and jealous.

  16. Keenya needs to take a anti jealous (pill) and Bravo needs to (cut) ✂️her from the show. It is (time) for her to go.⎈Last time checking emojis. You can all thank RealSandy for helping me!!! Without her I never would have seen them. Of course they were right in EDIT the whole time. Some of them are so unusual, symbols, even a gas pump. I have always liked miniatures. I guess even the ones on my laptop. The tide has certainly turned against Keenya, she used to have at least 1 or 2 fans. She has turned them away with her bigotry. As soon as she gets on the commercial set she starts in with her “professional opinion” saying the location is cheap blah blah blah. What a joke. I doubt she even knows how to obtain permits, a crew or any of the things necessary to actually shoot a commercial. And, can you see her directing? I am just remembering Celeb Apprentice. Kim will be smart enough to keep her ☎️ (phone )locked up.

      1. I would have been happy to but I have no idea where they would be on your ipad. Sally might have one. Sandy said exactly where to find them for my MacBook Air. There are SO many. I removed my peace sign and now I can’t find it to close with. Oh, well, I am tired!

    1. Oh no! I have unleashed a monster! 😮
      Just kidding! I am happy you can get all of those emojis/emoticons to work as much as you do! If it is an addiction, it is a good one! 😀

  17. Kim Fields should slap Kenya Moore with a slander lawsuit unless Kenya can prove her allegations against Kim’s husband. That would help Kenya understand the importance of not making up rumors to get back at someone who achieved things in life because they are more talented. And Kim should sue Bravo for airing Kenya’s loose-tongued BS. I know it’s a reality show but that’s someone’s reputation Kenya is playing with by saying Kim’s husband is unfaithful to her–whether it’s with men or women. So not cool.

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