Kenya Moore Calls Sheree Whitfield a Ho, Gets Back Together With Matt Jordan


This week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta picked up at Kenya Moore’s housewarming party with Phaedra Parks arriving with Porsha Williams as her guest. Kenya, of course, didn’t invite Porsha, so there was bound to be drama.

But Kenya didn’t want to handle her drama in front of the other ladies, so instead she asked Porsha if she could speak to her outside. “I don’t want to make this uncomfortable or anything, but I didn’t extend an invitation to you because of some things that had happened at previous events,” Kenya said. Porsha took the hint and left the party. “That was a little awkward,” Porsha said as she and Phaedra left the event.

Sheree Whitfield tried to catch up with the girls for a play by play, but Porsha left gracefully without causing a scene.

Porsha wasn’t the only uninvited guest to show up to Kenya’s party. Moore’s ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan came and he and Kenya had a private talk. Kandi Burruss noted that this was probably to win Kenya back, and that Kenya had not moved on from him like she said she had.

When they were alone, Matt began apologizing. “I did bad. I was wrong. I was really wrong,” he said. Kenya explained he had been her “protector,” so seeing him act the way he had led her to feel “scared.” Matt said he realized he was at risk of losing his “queen,” and he asked for another chance.

“I feel like you betrayed me. I feel like you have to build that trust up again for me to open my heart,” Kenya said. She explained to the camera why she gave him another shot. “Matt is a man who truly loves me, who wants to do right by me,” she said, adding that men like that are hard to find.

Unlike Kenya, Cynthia Bailey wasn’t giving her man another chance. She was trying to track down her husband Peter Thomas to go meet with their divorce lawyer. When they finally met up for coffee she said, “You really need to call [the lawyer] back.” Peter argued it was “just not a priority” in his life right now. “If this is how this process is going to go, we’re going to be getting a divorce for a long time,” Cynthia told the camera.

Peter went on to tell Cynthia that a few days prior he thought he was having a heart attack so he went to the hospital. When they had asked him who his emergency contact was, he realized it wasn’t her anymore and this made him very emotional.

“You’ve been my friend for eight years,” Cynthia said as tears welled in her eyes. “People say when you get divorced you can’t be friends … I still want to be friends with you.” She got choked up as she added, “I love you. I respect you. I just can’t be married to you.”

Peter called the lawyer right there, moving the process along.

To bring the group together, Porsha organized a day for them to go to an “escape room” where they get clues to figure out how to get out of an enclosed space. They broke up into groups with the idea that people who had sparred in the past might learn to work together toward a common goal. Phaedra, Sheree and Kandi were one team, while Porsha, Cynthia and Kenya were another.

After the exercise was over, Kenya confronted Sheree about rumors she’d heard that Sheree had been throwing shade at her over her house not being done before she threw the party. Sheree admitted she had noticed a few things that needed to be completed and that other people noticed them too. “I felt like you still had a lot of work to do,” Whitfield explained.

Sheree complained that Moore Manor had a leaky sink and a lack of baseboards and crown molding. “I don’t do trim,” Kenya quipped, claiming the baseboards weren’t missing because she never planned on having any.

“You need to do trim!” Sheree screamed. The fight escalated over whether or not Sheree’s house was in her name or her mother’s name. Finally, Kenya called Sheree a “ho” and stormed off.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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12 Replies to “Kenya Moore Calls Sheree Whitfield a Ho, Gets Back Together With Matt Jordan”

  1. Wait.. I don’t watch this but I did see on a commercial that some guy kicked her door down last season on something along those lines. Is this the same guy she got back together with?? If so she is as stupid as she acts and they deserve one another.

    1. Good morning Amy! Like you I don’t watch but yes I had read that as well and it was the same person. Xoxoxoxoxxo

    1. Wearing skin tight dress doesn’t help either. maybe she needs to switch to Kenya’s booty video instead of her own, lol

    2. Southern food is rich. The past time I was in ATL it took me all of 3 weeks to start gaining weight. I love the food there and they have great restaurants, but oh boy is it a pound packers. Phaedra is naturally plump, so I hope she just embraces it and figures out how to just work with what God gave her and dress accordingly.

    1. Huh??? I missed that entirely, lol. I did catch all the shady whips during the confessionals though, and loved them. The zingers didn’t pack punch like a Bethenny Frankel, but are delivered a bit more slowly, with a smile, dipped in a bit of arsenic, like an old black & white movie, lol.

    2. Bahahahah! I laughed so hard when I saw that. Everyone was fanning themselves. Didn’t the same thing happen at her hair release party? She must be a demon because it’s always hot as hell at her events.

      1. They were burning, up ! That’s absolutely crazy to me that they were shooting in a venue with no air…in the summer. The Atlanta franchise begins their filming in May at the beginning of the height of temperatures. My secondary US home is in South Florida, but from my experience visiting ATL in the summer, that is an opressive, ungodly heat like something from out of science fiction. If I had to choose between the heat intensity of walking about 6 blocks to a suburban Starbucks in North Atlanta , or trekking across the sand dunes of Tunesia for a shoot, Tunesia wins, lol. It really sort of gives us an idea how far women on these shows will go to get to host the first featured Housewives “event” of the season. Anything in hopes of having something dramatic pop off so they can all scramble to focus on a potential conflict storyline…and even if it means all the 34,000 extras and would be FOHs in attendance melt in the process, lol.

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