Kenya Moore Calls RHOA Kim Fields Boring


In a brand new interview with OK! Magazine, RHOA star Kenya Moore is not holding back how she feels about her co-star Kim Fields.

Speaking of Fields’ meltdown during their trip in Miami, Moore said, “It’s an emotional breakdown.”

She continued, “I have a hard time remembering that Kim is on the show because when I do see her, I fall asleep. So I have to wake myself up and just say, ‘Oh, okay. I must have missed half of what she was doing because I’m bored.’”

“It’s a strange situation,” she said. “I’ve never seen a woman near 50 cry from being away from her children or her husband for actually less than 24 hours. So I don’t know what to make of that.”

“I don’t think that the drama with the women is the issue,” she said. “I’m not sure if our drama really effects that.”

“I think it’s her own issue with actually having to be away from her family,” Moore continued. “I don’t know if she has ever had a job where she has had to be away from them, and that is a major issue for her.”

“I don’t know really how to advise her on to have a more functional relationship,” she added.

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21 Replies to “Kenya Moore Calls RHOA Kim Fields Boring”

  1. Kenya doesn’t know because she has no husband or children. It’s tough. Even when they are grown up it’s difficult. At least for me. Mine are in college and I miss them. Although I haven’t cried for a while, I cried when they left.

    1. I think we all do! I know I cried driving back south from Leicester and then East from Bristol (UK). I would never let them know, they do now and laugh at me!! They are getting on with their own lives and I wouldn’t want mine back home now! Kenya should just twirl off she is no good to anyone with her fake boyfriends the last of which is gay! I wish she would go and I will watch again.

    2. I totally understand what she means too. It’s seriously rough. Especially if you’re off doing these things and imagining on how much fun they would have with you out on a trip like that. Even though we all get lost in mommy/wife land, Kim seems to be the only one in a relationship of any real time or substance and I applaud her on her still having that feeling with most of the housewives can’t wait to get away from their spouse. I think she got a bit overwhelmed and had a moment, but I don’t find her boring. I definitely love how she called out kenya with out any real malicious intent behind it. She’s just being honest and it’s funny to see how they take it.

      1. I have only seen bits and bobs because I don’t like Kenya but the bits I have seen of Kim I like, who wants conflict all the time real life isn’t like that, well mine isn’t, if I want to see this I will go back to watching soaps, which I haven’t watched in around seven years now!

    1. Kenya doesn’t understand Kim’s devotion to her family, because Kenya is only devoted to herself.

      On the other hand, did Kim not watch the show and/or series before signing up? Did she think it was sitting around drinking tea and milk with the ladies? I will add though I do like her common sense and she’s not afraid to stand up to Kenya – who is boring as (it’s close to Christmas, I won’t cuss – insert your own word here), she is trying to direct everyone and it’s getting as old as her face! That wasn’t too kind, her nasty ways make me cringe! Yes, she’s good TV/drama…still is beyond shady!

  2. Kim is to classy for this show, I think Kenya is jealous, kim has everything Kenya will never have because she’s one nasty asswipe of a woman.

    1. She knows nothing but being a nasty foul person. What does she bring? Not even conflict. Her cackle after saying some supposed to be thought provoking thing is seriously just empty.

  3. Kenya speaks of Kim being boring and emotionally upset. The only emotions Kenya feels are anger and jealousy. She has no idea what love is.

    1. Aunt Bee, you forgot to add ruthlessness. The pageant world breeds two types of women: relentlessly ambitious women and RUTHLESSLY ambitious women. The former will work their bones bare to reach their goals in life and will do it with great aplomb: the latter is not above leaving a body count in their wake on their way to success, and will happily feast on the bones of whomever they dismissively slay along the way.

  4. While I’m not agreement with Kenya’s reaction to Kim’s emotions; I think Kim is simply not a good addition to the show. She brings no drama to RHOA which is primarily what the franchise is about.

  5. “I don’t know really how to advise her on to have a more functional relationship,”… Really? She seems incredibly delusional if she thinks she can offer advise to anyone about functional relationships.

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