Kenya Moore Calls Out Phaedra Parks For Her Hypocritical Lies, Tells NeNe Leakes To Donate To Detroit Public Schools


Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to call out Phaedra Parks for her “hypocritical lies” and NeNe Leakes for not donating money, as Kenya claims she promised, to the Detroit Public Schools.

Kenya writes:

MAD DOG 20/20
Claudia is crazy! They have kiwi flavored malt liquor? Who knew? LOL! She baited and switched me into putting together her furniture. As long as it comes with her crazy stories and quick wit, I’m in!

I think Claudia has an amazing figure but if she wants to lift her booty I’m the girl to help her. My workout video Booty Boot Camp is still going strong in sales! I enjoy having a friend in her. She is fair and she has known me longer than anyone on the show. I learned that we have more in common than I thought. Not having a mother fully love or understand you can be damaging. I’m glad we can open up with each other without judgment and feel safe to do so.

The house of lies that Phaedra has built is slowly but surely crumbling down around her. Clearly when a woman who prides herself as a Christian while praying to God as she calls someone a whore and a slut is the real devil to be protected from. Everyone can see through her smokescreen and the blatant, hypocritical lies that will be her ultimate downfall. Keep watching, the best of her lies is yet to come.

Now, her latest conspiracy theory is that I tried to pay Apollo to lie about a lie! But I am the delusional person? All the nasty rumors on this show about me being bipolar, broke, an alcoholic, a whore, and someone who pays for boyfriends and has a rented car all came from Phaedra’s vengeful, hate-filled mind. The real fans of the show know this to be a fact. Just watch Seasons 5 and 6. Let’s watch a flashback to that! Regardless of if anyone believed the unsubstantiated, baseless rumors or not, they were all fabricated from one person — PHAEDRA.

No successful attorney or woman with any decorum should behave the way Phaedra does. No outstanding Christian should repeatedly call another woman a whore and be unapologetic about it. No respected attorney should slander and defame someone in the media without any evidence or facts. No “Southern Belle” or woman with class or respect for herself should visit a man in a halfway house at 3am.

I have apologized countless times; I have corrected my behavior, which may have lead to persons misjudging me; and through it all, I have decided to forgive Phaedra even though she refuses to apologize to me for her actions. I thank my Grandmother for introducing me to God and providing me with a moral compass, empathy for others, and the ability to admit my shortcomings. I may stumble from time to time, but I have my faith and God to uplift me.

You cannot have a rational conversation with someone who only wants to hear themselves talk. NeNe does what she always does, and that’s to drown people out with her loud and harsh criticism. Yet she can’t keep silent long enough to hear anyone else. NeNe is a big, brash bully and she will never change.

NeNe is on Broadway right? So why is it that she is delaying her promise to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation to donate $20,000? My guess is she only made the promise because she thought I didn’t have the money to match hers. She never intended to pay. She said, “I write the check you match it.” However, I wrote the check first. So what is the issue? This is not a pissing contest. For once in her life NeNe should help someone else out who needs it. She wants someone to support her and be happy for her success, but then stiffs needy kids out of $20,000! Write a check to help some children thrive and be able to have an education in order to have options in life. #PAYUPRICHBITCH.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Aunt Bee

    Who is Kemya trying to convince about her Goodness – us or herself. She caused trouble from the minute she joined the show. Cannot stand her.

    • Karen

      Right? She thinks we have for gotton all the crap she’s done since she’s been on RHOA. Remember after Walter refused to go on with her ruse about being engaged she set about to insinuate that he was gay- on National TV? That was a pretty harmful slur that SHE started and never apologized for. She shamelessly flirted and admired she texted with Apollo behind Phaedra’s back that got that whole rumor started, she used her bullhorn to shout down fellow cast mates, just to name a tiny few things she’s done, she is a provocateur who then tries to claim that SHE is the victim of her own foot-in-mouth repercussions.

  • Marie1

    Oh no!!! Team twirl all day! !!! Most of Nene’s fans are just like her lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol !!! We’ll see if this is a insult to Nene leakes fans!!!!!!loll lol lol lol