Kenya Moore Calls Eviction Lawsuit Ridiculous & Unfounded!


Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore is speaking about her recent eviction. Kenya called in to The Wendy Williams Show, Thursday and told Wendy the eviction was unfounded and she was thinking about getting a restraining order against her former landlord! “I can’t help it if I live a fabulous life and she can no longer afford to be in the house,” Kenya told Wendy via phone.

“So first off, I want to go back to the ruling. First of all, we never got notice of our court date so that’s going to be overturned and we’ll have another court date, so it isn’t over until the fat lady sings,” Kenya continued. “Secondly, this is absolutely absurd! I’ve paid this woman nearly $52,000 in rent and she has a $6,000 security deposit of mine. I have paid her May rent and paid her June and my lease is up in three weeks, so this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.”

“Well when I didn’t move out when she wanted me to, because she has to give me 60 days notice, I have no problem…I don’t want to be anywhere where I’m not wanted, I can find another house, done,” Kenya said of her landlord coming in and out of the house as she pleased. “And it was just like every day she was coming in and out of the house so it has gotten really crazy. I almost had to get a restraining order against her, that’s how scared I was, to where we had to put up cameras.”

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