Kenya Moore Blames NeNe For The Fight, Talks How She Comes Across On RHOA


Kenya Moore appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night after a new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired. Kenya talked about the RHOA fight and how the other women have blamed her for starting the fight, but Kenya is blaming NeNe. “I think some of the ladies have it out for me,” Moore tells Andy Cohen. “What you see isn’t the entire story.”

When asked who she thinks is to blame for the fight, Kenya says, “Well clearly… I think it was NeNe. She set the tone in the room. She agitated everyone in the room from the time I walked in. She said some really foul things to me when I arrived and she was outta control. She was acting very hyped up on something. I don’t know what. She wasn’t acting herself.”

A WWHL caller asks Kenya Moore how she feels about the way she looks on Real Housewives of Atlanta, particularly in light of her being a former Miss USA. “I think one of the reasons I won Miss USA is that I am a very outspoken woman. I am not a conformist. I have a lot to say and if people would care to listen I would actually make sense. I think that’s a great representation of who I am on the show and Miss USA.”

She continues, “And I don’t back down to anyone. I fight my own battles and I’m never afraid to be myself. I think that’s what makes me a winner.”

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  • Judy

    Nene certainly was acting weird and pissy to you. Also, Chris was out of his chair when he was addressing you. Chris did grab you. Chris and his wife were hurling things at you. Chris was caught in a lie and his wife didn’t want to hear the truth. It would have been hard for me to keep my seat.

  • Rachel P

    I commend Kenya Moore for showing young ladies that Black women do not need to resort to physical violence to be heard. Last season I was not a fan at all. This season after hearing your background and circumstances, I truly appreciate your struggle. I was also raised without my mother and it is the worst rejection anyone should ever endure. I applause you and support you sister. Stay golden!

  • mzannielv

    I too believe Nene started the whole mele. All the ladies said that Kenya shouldn’t have “charged” towards Christopher’s wife. I did not think she charged her. It was no different than Cynthia getting up to talk to Kandi…For Nene to say Brandon acted like a queen is ridiculous. Peter got in Kandi’s face and Todd stood to defend Kandi…..Everyone is trying to blame Kenya and not take responsibility for their part especially Phaedra, normally I like Phaedra and Apollo, but to not even apologize for his violence was disgusting. When Apollo was explaining to Phaedra how things got out of control, his facial expressions looked as if he didn’t even convince himself. As a matter of fact it was kind of the same way he looked when he was trying to explaing the whole “text gate” situation. I am more inclined to believe Kenya, it’s been proven via a youtube video that Christopher did say he was single, he did grab her when she crossed the room, and his wife did say things about Todd….and I’m a little surprised that Kandi didn’t have Kenya’s back even just a little when Kenya stood up for Todd…..

  • Well from wat I saw. I say that nene leakes did set the tone in the room. I do believe nene is jealous of Kenya and she looks to be threaten by her. Let’s. Keep watching who will make it to the top! Peter looks likes he is looking for a fight calling himself breaking up the fight No I don’t think so! And Apollo looked to me like he was also looking for a fight! Its a shame. But nene leakes set the tone!