Kenya Moore Believes Sheree Whitfield Is Obsessed With Her


Kenya Moore is dishing about this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta in a new interview with Bravo. Kenya reacts to Phaedra reaching out to her and also shares her thoughts on her confrontation with Sheree Whitfield.

Bravotv.com: Were you surprised Phaedra reached out to you to work on her camp for the children of Flint?
Kenya Moore:
We started this year off on a good note and are in a much better place. Phaedra had a hard time recalling that I’m a former Miss Michigan from Detroit, the second Black woman to be crowned Miss USA; and I placed in the top 10 in Miss Universe. I hold several titles and crowns from my pageant days. I also grew up without a mother, who was very abusive toward me, and I fought my way out. I can identify with those children, because I am those children. But I have to say what I’m most proud of is that I was also educated by schools for the gifted in Detroit and I give back whenever I can with my time and money. I was happy Phaedra wanted me to be involved.

Bravotv.com: What was going through your mind during the confrontation with Sheree?
Sheree’s only focus was me, and it’s clear she’s obsessed with me. She had nowhere to go after the petty argument we had prior about her trashing my house. Therefore, she tries to go as far as sullying my reputation in Hollywood.

Those lies and low blows are just as tired as that wig contraption thing-a-ma-jig she had on her head. And for clarity, it did look exactly like Mama Joyce’s hair! I adore Mama Joyce; her hair looks good on her, and I would never come for anyone’s mother… But Sheree needs to stop pinching pennies and stop shopping at the dollar store for her wigs. I’m sending her a Kenya Moore Hair Care package as we speak.

Bravotv.com: Why were you annoyed that some of the ladies started eating?
I was trying to make amends with Sheree, and all I could hear was them smacking and chewing with their mouths open

Photo Credit: Bravo



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    I don’t watch ATL anymore but hasn’t Kenya always thought all of the women were obsessed with her and don’t get me started on the men!

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    Delusion….simply delusion

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    NUTTIER than Peanut Butter

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    What a fruitcake, she truly believes she’s the most beautiful creature in creation & the world is obsessed with her. So delusional.