Kenya Moore Believes Apollo Will Go To Jail, Dishes On African Prince


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore stopped by Bethenny to chat about the current gossip surrounding the show and the cast. When Bethenny asked about Kenya about Apollo Nida’s arrest and if the group ever talks about things like that, Kenya shared, “I’ve never seen him outside of Housewife taping but we talk about it amongst the cast obviously. I don’t have anything to say to him after the lies he’s told on me. I don’t have a reason to have a conversation with him.”

When Bethenny asked if Kenya believes Apollo will go to jail she said, “Oh, absolutely.”

Next, Bethenny asks Kenya about her new Bentley. “You know what it is no one’s business, it’s just a car, I could care less. It’s a car that I love but I needed a new car so okay it’s a Bentley,” Moore replied. When Bethenny asks if it was a gift from her African Prince, Kenya continued, “I am not saying what it is but I have a new car. My thing is my grandmother instilled in me the best values anyone could ever learn. I would rather have a $10 purse with $100 in it then a $100 purse with $10 in it. So I could care less what they try to add up what I have or what I am paying for anything. I am very secure in what my choices are.”

Bethenny went on to dish some dirt on her former BFF Jill Zarin. “On New York Housewives, I remember when we first started New York Housewives Jill and Bobby rented a yellow Lamborghini or Ferrari for a couple of weeks because it was for a reality show and looked because everything looked so rich,” she revealed. “On this franchise I don’t think we’ve ever seen more people file for bankruptcy. It’s a lot of all show and no go. So when you show up with a Bentley or Sheree’s house that was a dirt hole people are going to talk.”

Finally, Kenya dishes on her African Prince. “I have a boyfriend and I don’t go around town telling anyone anything about him that’s for sure and not NeNe and the person that she’s talking about she’s met him so for her to pretend..” Bethenny asks if he’s from Atlanta, “No, he’s not from Atlanta. We were in Los Angeles and she met him there.”

Kenya continues, “He’s from Africa. Who she’s talking about, she’s met and he’s from Africa. The point is why is she so concerned about my car and everything. If she wants an upgrade she can ask her man to buy her a new car from their shared account.” Adding, “He lives in Africa.”

When asked about their long distance relationship, Kenya said, “It is long distance but I am still single, I am not married yet I am still trying to figure it out. Until I am absolutely sure the relationship is reality proof I will continue to keep that private and under wraps.”

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  1. She’s not “private” about the African guy. She brings it up, she is the one that alluded to him giving her the car and being so generous. She reminds me of a child with an imaginary friend.

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