Kenya Moore Admits Texting Apollo Was Wrong


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore sat down with Perez TV to dish on this season of the show and she also threw some shade at her cast mates Phaedra Parks and NeNe Leakes!

“I absolutely feel I was vindicated this season,” Moore says. “There were horrific lies told on me… people going on national television saying I offered someone a fellatio which is not true. Things that could really destroy somebody’s reputation. For the truth to finally come out and for the world to know that all of those things were a lie… I feel completely vindicated.”

She continues, “I do believe the audience knows the truth and that none of those things Apollo said about me were true. I’ve never seen him in L.A., I’ve never propositioned him and I’ve never acted or said anything that was inappropriate to him via text message. I do take responsibility for something I do feel was wrong which was to communicate with him via text when I wasn’t friends with his wife at the time. That was wrong.”

Kenya goes on to share that Kandi, Cynthia and Claudia have all apologized for believing Apollo’s lies, but that NeNe, Phaedra and Porsha refuse to.

So what does Kenya think about the demise of Cynthia and NeNe’s friendship? She says the demise of their relationship came from NeNe being too overpowering and Cynthia feeling stifled by Leakes. Moore believes Bailey needed an out to break free from the toxic relationship.

What about Kandi and Phaedra’s broken friendship? “I do not think Kandi and Phaedra will ever be friends again. I think Kandi is an amazing person,” Moore says. “She is very honest, very loyal… she’s forthright and she’s very kind and she’s very generous. I think she’s given Phaedra everything and as soon as Phaedra became friends with NeNe… I just think that between NeNe and Porsha they just turned her against Kandi.”

Moore also responded to NeNe’s claims about the show having too many single women. She points out that RHOA started with two single women; Kim Zolciak and Shereè Whitfield and says that the audience identifies with a woman looking for love.

“The show doesn’t revolve around NeNe,” Kenya says. “She might be the oldest Housewife in terms of seniority… catch that shade… I think you can’t make calls like that. You’re not in casting, you don’t own Bravo, you don’t write anyone’s checks… so let Bravo decide who they want to bring back. Why bully Bravo by saying, ‘I’ll come back if this person or that person doesn’t come back?’ That means you’re just trying to get those people fired and that speaks to your character. She needs the show as much as the show needs her.”

Watch the full interview below.

Kenya also assigned iPhone emojis to each one of her cast mates in a fun game! Find out which emoji she picked for each lady in this video below.

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14 Replies to “Kenya Moore Admits Texting Apollo Was Wrong”

  1. Kenya is the queen if lies and betrayal, she have the gall to speak of character? If you’re innocent you don’t need an apology from anyone, you KNOW you’re innocent. If she’s back after so many “phantom boyfriends” and lies I simply won’t tune in, she makes my skin crawl. Congrats to Jaimi Gregory and James Freeman on their wedding

    1. Well said Beth, I can’t watch her, in fact can’t watch Kandi, who is morphing in to Joyce or Cynthia, who is boring! Ditto to your congrats!

  2. Kenya should have the evil stepmother from Cinderella or the vile queen from Snow White: mirror mirror on the wall who is the most evil of them all !

  3. 1. I have more respect for Kenya now. Apollo AND Kenya were BOTH wrong. Admitting that she was wrong to text Apollo after Phaedra informed her that she felt that interaction was inappropriate and uncomfortable is a REAL WOMAN move. Women MUST respect women. As a woman and a wife, if I approach a woman and explain to her my discomfort about a relationship with my husband, please respect that.

    2. NeNe and Cythia’s relationship is none of Kenya’s business. Concentrate on making your relationship with Cynthia what it’s desinted to be. That’s all good. You don’t have to pour shade or even discuss them. Just wish them both well and let it go. They have a love for each other that will never diminish. Their dynamic is beyond Kenya’s comprehension.

    3. Kandi and Phaedra’s relationship (see NeNe and Cynthia’s scenario above.)no one turned against Kandi nor talked about her. People kept coming up to Phaedra asking her if she talked to Kandi and her response was always the same – No. It was even discussed during the reunion show – NOBODY TALKED AGAINT OR ABOUT Kandi. Phaedra even apologized about the miscommunication and took responsibility for it. So for Kenya to say they’re against her is totally out of line.

    4. The show Started out with Sheree and Kim (both living single) BUT Sheree was going through a divorce and had children, Kim had children & was in a REAL relationship (albeit a married man) AND they both lived in ATLANTA.They never lied about any relationship nor did they pay someone to be a part of their story line. They brought their truth to the show and we appreciated their truth. Kenya is not a wife, nor a girlfriend, nor a mother, nor a Peach, nor authentic… She keeps trying to invent a story lin.

    1. ITA With Kim except for #1. I have absolutely no respect for her at all. She is a bad actress trying to win back the majority of the viewers who can’t stand her. She is the one who started this Apollo debacle by flirting with him the first time she met him. She is evil personified.

  4. Kenya is very irritating and phony. Her forced fake laugh really is hard to stomach. She appears to play act through it all. Whether her feelings of abandonment made it difficult for her to sustain relationships or not, she is an egotistical, self-promoting person who doesn’t care who she hurts at all for her own personal gain. I don’t believe a word that she utters. She acts like a spoiled brat who has to be the center of attention and is forgetting she is not twenty something anymore and hasn’t been for some time. Her antics can’t be tolerated by many for too long from what I can tell, at least not me. I feel sorry for her aunt and more so for her father’s family who raised her, since she doesn’t seem to be able to really care about anyone except herself or be thankful and seems like she will stoop to anything for what she wants, hurting anyone in her path to feed her own ego, without true remorse. Her words are shallow and meaningless.

    1. I love the show and appreciate the women that allow u s into their world every season but I do find it very difficult to conect with Kenya and Claudia. They just don’t fit the shoe of the show very well to me. They’re not geniuine and feel very fake and forced.

  5. I appreciate that Kenya has no problem with true humility. She actually apologies for her shortcomings and can admit to being at fault even if it’s something mostly innocuous as platonic texting with a guy whose wife she has had a falling out with. A woman who is really a homewrecker wouldn’t be so openly flirtatious and complimentary in front of 4 million viewers let alone the whole cast and crew of RHOA. Same as Nene and Peter. I like her personality and how much fun she seems to be around. Kenya is also very easygoing and quick to comfort someone in pain and forgive even those who physically attack her or her character. That’s something we could all learn from her. Integrity.

    1. I think her apologies and her humility came a little later than you remember. Her apologies came two years after vehemently denying everything. The really sad part about the Kenpollo fiasco is that Kenya is the one that brought it up in the first place. She said it at the reunion – Apollo never said a thing. She brought up the texting and people tend to forget that tidbit. Go back and look at the reunion show from two years ago and watch it again. She started that whole thing and blew it up – I belive in an attempt to 1) give her a story line & 2) to one up Phaedra. So now that it has snowballed into a full blown- oversized messy mess the truth is out and now she apologizes. She should apologize and should have apologized the first time the mess showered the air waves.

      So now she has admitted that she never should have instigated those encounters and she soulfully apologizes. Thanks and it’s much appreciated. I believe it is sincere – NOW – but I never believed it before. She is taking responsibility for her actions – NOW- but she never had before. She claims she wants to get along with the other girls – NOW – but she has always wanted to be “ABOVE” everyone else before now. So we CAN all learn from Ms. Moore now. This is the first time we’re seeing the person she’s portraying now.

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