Kenya Moore Accused To Stealing Celebrity Apprentice Bullhorn For RHOA Reunion


We are fairly certain you remember Kenya Moore’s bullhorn at last year’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. The controversial prop led to the physical altercation between Moore and Porsha Williams is now reportedly property of Donald Trump’s office!

That’s right, not only was Kenya accused of stealing Vivica A. Fox’s cell phone while filming Celebrity Apprentice, Yahoo News reports that there was missing prop behind the scenes.

“During filming, we all noticed one of our famous ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ bullhorns used on challenges was missing,” a production staffer told TheWrap. “We couldn’t find it anywhere. We even talked about the M.I.A. prop on the series, but the segment didn’t air. It was weird, but we just shrugged and moved on.”

Turns out, the RHOA season 6 reunion was taped right after wrapping the current season of Celebrity Apprentice and the staffer thinks they know what happened to the missing bullhorn.

“We were all stunned,” the staffer said. “She might be a little bit of a klepto… Lock up your belongings when you’re around Kenya, Atlanta girls!”

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14 Replies to “Kenya Moore Accused To Stealing Celebrity Apprentice Bullhorn For RHOA Reunion”

      1. One ratings power house to know another? True that!

        RHOA is on top of it’s game ratings wise, and Celebrity apprentice was too, till it fired both Brandi and Kenya and dropped majorly in the ratings for its final episode.
        Fine a bunch of you may not like the people that ring the drama, but you should also realize that the reason the show is still on the air is cuz of the drama.

  1. Kenya Moore is toxic and backstabbing thief!

    She stole Vivica A. Fox phone &
    The bull horn from Celebrity Apprentice props.

    Why isn’t she in jail? ???

    Team Vivica A. Fox all the way! !!!!

  2. Not surprised, she is a liar and a thief goes with her character. Probably why she felt sorry for Apollo. Don’t see how she was ever Miss USA, she has no moral character at all. I guess that wasn’t a requirement. They ought to bring her up on charges.

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