Ken Todd’s Ex-Wife, Pamela, Surfaces & Claims She Was Involved In Raising Their Son Warren!

Ken Todd

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Vanderpump has been married to her husband, Ken Todd, for thirty years. On a recent episode of RHOBH, the British couple went to visit Ken’s son, Warren in France, where Ken claims “he brought him [Warren] up on his own.” Now, Ken’s ex-wife and Warren’s mother, Pamela Todd, is coming forward saying she’s always been a part of her son’s life all along and RadarOnline has the details!

Not only does Pamela claim to be very much a part of her son’s life, she says they are extremely close, and she’s been taking to Facebook to tell her side of the story and posting numerous family photos of them together.


Pamela has also taken to Facebook to write about watching her grandson Ryan, graduate from Exeter University in the UK and to post photos of her visiting Warren and his wife, Sue Vanner at their home in the south of France. This could be a shock to viewers, because Ken said in a recent episode of RHOBH Warren’s mother was no longer in the picture. “Warren is a product of my first marriage which didn’t last very long,” he said. “I had total custody of him from the age of two and I brought him up on my own.”

Lisa Vanderpump also blogged about Ken’s struggles being a single parent, writing in her Bravo Blog, “He was married briefly for two years at 19 to a young wife who wasn’t prepared for the challenging job of being a mother. So he then fought for custody of their only child. He worked many jobs laboring, night jobs, anything to provide for his son and with the help of his mother, raised an educated, well-mannered young man.”

Pamela Todd

Do YOU believe Pamela?

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15 Replies to “Ken Todd’s Ex-Wife, Pamela, Surfaces & Claims She Was Involved In Raising Their Son Warren!”

  1. I believe Ken. He’s not a vindictive person. He would know better than to publicly state something like that if it weren’t true. I think the ex-wife is defensive, probably. Periodic pictures of special occasions don’t prove she was there day in and day out over the years.

  2. I’m sure she had some involvement, but I think Ken means he had sole or primary custody. I’m sure the ex-wife had liberal visitation, and was probably more involved as the boy got older. So, they are both right.

  3. I agree with Deborah! If it were coming from another house-husband I would believe the ex-wife, but coming from Ken, I believe him. My mother-in-law cheated on my father-in-law, got caught, was asked by the three kids and the husband to stop cheating and be a family and she didn’t. They got a divorce, my father in law got custody of a 15, 11 and 3 year old. Now my mother-in law has created a different story in her head that she believes as truth. Shall I say, guilt?

  4. 100% believe Ken!

    He raised him, she may have been part of his life but that is NOT the same as raising him. She needs to get over it and stop being spiteful.

  5. Lisa is going to have trouble controlling the spin on this one. I think her comments regarding the mother not involved in the son’s life are indicative of what kind of person she is.

    Hopefully it will die down soon and all will be forgotten. Right now fans don’t think that she would ever stretch the truth or tell a white lie. Her ability to remain the alpha female on the show is dependent on that and keeping a minimum of two girls from the show her short lease.

  6. Nothing she has said disputes what Ken said. She might have a good relationship with him now, but he’s in his 40s now. That doesn’t mean that Ken didn’t raise him alone and she later forged a relationship with her son.

  7. I am sorry but I believe Ken, why did this lady wate 30 plus years to come out and start talking about their marriage, and son.
    Ken seems to be a stand up man, he has proved that on the show time and time again..

  8. Lisa and ken better distance themselves from Brandi she is another Cedric. She wants lisa life and ken she is gross you can’t trust her at all.

  9. Yolanda is an opportunist and a troublemaker watch out lisa i would not trust Yolanda or Brandi. Yolanda is a game player and big mouth David needs to stay home for more than a day and he will realize he made a big mistake marring Yolanda. She looks so dirty and unkept and she puts down everyone.The only way she can get David to kiss her is by grabbing his face. gross

  10. I think it is wrong for Ken and Lisa to discuss his first wife. She is a private person and not part of the real housewife cast. True or not true, Ken should not discredit his first wife or mother of his son.

  11. I don’t believe Ken at all. I think he is arrogant and likes to hear himself talk this season. There is something “OFF” in that marriage and I think Cedric was right when he said things are not what they appear to be. Lisa runs around like the Queen of Mean, and is constantly making snide comments to everyone.

    1. His Dad did not necessarily set him up for life. I’m sure he was given a good education and probably a great life, but it doesn’t look like they spoil the other two kids.

  12. I think he is an attractive older man! He is so hairy! I love natural men and he sure is! I would love to see him shirtless! I would love to be his mistress! He makes my bush burn every time I see him!

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