Kelsey Grammer Hasn’t Seen His Children In Six Months


Camille Grammer has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer and will go through chemotherapy and radiation as part of her treatment plan. When asked on Twitter if her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer, has reached out to her about her health, Camille revealed, “No, Kelsey has never contacted me or the kids about my health.” But that’s not all… RadarOnline reports Kelsey hasn’t seen his children in six months.

“Kelsey hasn’t even seen Mason, 12, or Jude, 9, in over six months,” a source tells the site. “The children remained in Southern California while Camille underwent a radical hysterectomy for endometrial cancer in Houston. She wanted the kids to remain in school, and they were well cared for. Kelsey didn’t see the children while Camille was in Houston for her cancer surgery.”

“He didn’t make any attempt to visit them, or have the kids come stay with him. He does call the kids, but it’s been a very long time since they actually saw their father,” the insider reveals.

Mason and Jude “are doing remarkably well, given everything that is going on with their mom, but they miss their dad. Camille has always encouraged Kelsey’s relationship with the kids and wants him to be a part of their lives,” the insider added.

Kelsey’s rep denied these claims and told Radar, “Your sources are full of it and clueless as well.”

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5 Replies to “Kelsey Grammer Hasn’t Seen His Children In Six Months”

  1. Stories like this are why Camille has no credibility with me. She and her minions put stories like this out there for sensationalism but don’t include the facts, like Kelsey is out of the country filming and was not able to have the kids with him on location. How was he to know that she and her boy toy were going to have their little fight, as she claims. Nonsense like this is why I still think the Camille we saw is season 1 was the real Camille, not the act she has put on in public ever since, too bad Dimitri didn’t realize that before he got caught up in her web of destruction.

    1. Mike – You must not have children. With the exception of Military a good parent I would never accept a job that would keep them from seeing their children and I doubt that Kelsey is so hard up for money that he would have to accept a job with those restrictions either. The little fight you referred to was secondary to the fact she had been treated for cancer.
      He obviously is too busy with his new family and probably chasing women to care about the children he had before he knocked up the ho he is married to now!
      Kelsey Grammer proved to everyone what trash he was when he cheated on Camille and knocked up the Flight Attendant! The only bright side is that a cheater rarely changes so he will eventually do the same to her.

  2. She married a guy because he was rich and then dated a guy because he was young and hot (who later beat her up). Maybe it’s time for her to look for a guy that’s just decent. She does her children no favors by volunteering publicly all the nasty things she has said about their dad, whether they be true or not. But this girl has a victim mentality, true or imagined.

  3. I would surely believe Camille over that lying cheating ass. Sorry for those children…Best to you Camille for a great recovery.

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