Kelly and Michael Dodd to Enter Major Custody Battle Over Daughter Jolie?

RHOC star Kelly Dodd is gearing up for a possible custody battle with her estranged husband Michael Dodd.

“Michael tried having a custody battle last time, so there might be another one,” an insider shared. “It’s tough on Jolie.”

“The house is in escrow,” the insider told RadarOnline. “She’s gonna be moving in with her cousin for a little bit.”

Kelly announced that her “marriage was over” on Sept. 27, saying: “I’m out of there! We’ve have problems for years and I’ve had enough. I’m done with our marriage.”

“I filed for divorce against Michael in 2012 and we never had any resolution,” she explained. “The case is just sitting there. So I’m going to ask my attorney to file a motion so I can get a bifurcated divorce. I want out of my marriage as soon as possible. We can figure out the financials of our divorce down the road.”

In 2012, Kelly asked for $41,666 in child and spousal support at the time. Michael claimed that Kelly would ditch their daughter to party and tried to get primary custody of Jolie.

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7 Replies to “Kelly and Michael Dodd to Enter Major Custody Battle Over Daughter Jolie?”

  1. This little gold digger only thinks in terms of “me mtself and I !” She’s every bit the “out of control drunk” Shannon is..just trying to hide it better ( for her advantage)! At a time when her little girl needs her parents she’s shuffled off to a cousins house.. like the bargaining chip she is! That little girl would be better off at her Dad’s house where there is at least emotional stability.. her grandmother can help out (neither she nor Kelly’s brother think Michaels the bad guy.. they know Kelly!) I would ask for an emergency custody hearing and let Ms Party Hardy sweat it out.. don’t make it easy on her! She’s been cheating on you for “years”! Appoint a third party dropoff for visitation and never be alone with Kelly michael..expect the worst..always record all conversations..always have a witness! She’s unstable and a drunk! Be smarter this time and fight for your daughter.. you’re the only chance she has with a mother like that! Cut your losses! Never look back! Celebrate your little girl!

  2. Well I for one am not entirely convinced that they’re even getting divorced, and I won’t believe it until SHE announces it herself.

  3. Call me crazy, but knowing what she’s shared of their history in the past…I’m not entirely convinced it’s over. We’ll see…

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