Kelly Meza Dodd

Season 11

“I don’t throw parties. I am the party!”

Fearless and confident Kelly Dodd has a mouth as big as her heart. Originally hailing from Arizona, her fiery Latin lineage and unfiltered opinions definitely bring the heat to the OC. With a penchant for gossip and drinking champagne, there is never a dull moment around her. After a rocky period in her marriage, she recently reconciled with her husband Michael, who cashed out of major tech toy company and is now home, always underfoot. Family is what’s most important to this stay-at-home mom, who shares her 4-story oceanfront mansion with 9-year old daughter Jolie, her younger brother Eric and her mom Bobbi. Among the ladies, Kelly finds herself in hot water when she befriends outcast Vicki despite warnings from her bestie Meghan.

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Kelly Dodd is devoid of any kind of filter on her potty mouth. She sure doesn’t want her daughter to see any of this that has been recorded for posterity. Believe me Kelly, she can always find it and if she doesn’t find it on her own, I am sure one of her “friends” will be more than happy to find it for her. Put your brain in gear before you open that foul mouth of yours. You make fun of Heather Dubrow……why? Because she is everything that you aren’t?????? Ugh, Bravo made a BIG mistake bringing you on RHOC.… Read more »


Get rid of Vick and Jelly.